Riot Games Marks a Month-Long Celebration to Commemorate the Launch Of Arcane

Riot Games is presently in a mood for celebration with the launch of Arcane. It’s a League of Legends-themed show. To commemorate and promote the premiere of the show, the developer has partnered with a variety of organizations both inside and outside of the video game industry. As part of Progress Days, the second phase of its RiotX Arcane celebration, it will host a variety of activities and give away stuff in a number of its games.

About RiotX Arcane by Riot Games

Arcane is the first full-length animated series by Riot Games. It is a part of a larger effort to improve League of Legends’ universe and storytelling. Overall, it is the company’s first animated series. The first three episodes will be released on Netflix on November 6. This will be followed by two more batches of three episodes later in the month. Riot Games hosted a grandiose red-carpet debut event in Los Angeles. It was attended by corporate executives and community leaders.

In the interim, Twitch hosted a global viewing party, allowing streamers to rerun the first episode to their individual audiences. The program takes place in the realm of Runeterra, where the computer game League of Legends is set and tells the adventures of well-known characters from the game such as Jinx and Vi.

RiotX Arcane | Source: Riot Games

Riot Games Hosts RiotX Arcane, a Month-Long Celebration

Riot Games has announced RiotX Arcane, a month-long celebration that will contain a variety of games. Some of these will be made by third-party developers, to honor the introduction of the series. The celebration will be divided into three sections. Each will represent one of the episodes’ broad themes. It will run concurrently with the release of new episodes of the show.

The League World Finals and Arcane Premiere Super Weekend, which were held on November 6 and 7, respectively, kicked off the celebrations. Progress Days, which will start on November 7 and continue until November 13, when the second set of episodes will air, will be the next show to screen. Finally, Undercity Nights will run from November 14 to November 20 and will culminate on November 20 with the premiere of the final three episodes of Arcane.

An Opportunity for Fans

Fans will have the opportunity to win unique merchandise and incentives themed after the performance throughout this time. Players in League of Legends can now get free skins for Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, and Jayce. They will also benefit from game improvements. League of Legends: Wild Rift, mobile version, will also be celebrating with free skins for daily log-ins and Arcane-themed activities.

Meanwhile, Joyce will be added to Riot’s CCG Legends of Runeterra, along with a new PvE mode and cosmetic upgrades. Teamfight Tactics will get a “Double Up” option that will allow you to play with friends as well as a new set of weapons. Finally, Valorant will introduce Chamber, a new agent who will come with a free RiotX Arcane Pass.

Valorant Agent Chamber with RiotX Arcane Pass | Source: Riot Games

Riot is also collaborating with popular games like Among Us, PUBG, and Fortnite to expand League of Legends’ reach beyond Runeterra’s borders. The Jinx skin for Fortnite, which was released earlier this month, was the most well-known of these collaborations.

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