Reliance Jio x Itel to Bring Affordable Smartphones to India

Reliance is known for launching affordable products at a much lower cost than other brands in India. Now, Jio is expected to form an exclusive partnership with Itel to help India get affordable mobile-based communications solutions.

This partnership will bring a breakthrough in the smartphone industry for sure, and we can expect some exciting products which can bring change for people living in the rural area.

The vast increase in mobile phone use during the past few years emphasizes the importance of having convenient access to inexpensive smartphones.

What to expect from Jio x Itel?

When it comes to offering the most affordable mobile-based technology both Jio and Itel outshine others in the market. With this partnership, users can expect a transformative smartphone from itel, and some magical Reliance Jio offers.

Jio x Itel will aim to help people using the featured mobile phones to switch to the smartphone. With this deal, they will deliver affordable, high-quality digital services.

Jio is an Indian LTE network coverage company that uses voice-over LTE to provide voice services on its 4G network. It is one of the leading Telecom service providers that offer internet at low prices in India.

Itel’s goal is to introduce low-cost mobile telecommunications technology to the masses, allowing people to get closer and appreciate their social interactions. Itel company primarily targets the rural area for their mobile phone sales and brings up mobile phones at the lowest cost possible. In 2020 Itel Launched India’s most affordable smartphone with Waterdrop Display at Rs 5499.

According to a new CMR survey report, Itel is the most trustworthy brand in the sub 7,000 market and a standout in the under-5,000 segment. With Jio’s support, the deal would undoubtedly be a blessing to the rural population.

According to the resources, Jio and Itel will announce their partnership in early May this year.

Jio x Google partnership

Last year, Google-owned a 7.73% stake in Jio by paying them a total amount of 33,737 Crores Rs. This was one of Google’s biggest acquisitions in an Indian firm. With this Google-Jio collaboration, we can expect some entry-level and cost-effective 5G smartphones in the Indian market.

Google x Jio
Jio x Google

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