Red Dead Online Desert Sage Locations

Desert Sage is a plant in Red Dead Online that you use in making many recipes or you can even sell this plant to shop owners. This plant will grow in the Desert area as the name suggests. You can use this plant to craft Horse Ointments or you can even sell this plant. You may need this plant to knock off daily challenges off your list. In this article, we’re gonna talk about the Locations of the Desert Sage plant in RDO, what can you use this plant for, and more.

Desert Sage only grows in deserts, so you can find this plant in throughout New Austin in-game. You can also use this plant to boost your Stamina Core. To find the Desert Sage, you can go to Gap Tooth Ridge and Cholla Springs. While you’re looking for Desert Sage, you even go across Rio Bravo to find this plant. Let’s check out Locations for Desert Sage in Red Dead Online.

1. Locations to Find Desert Sage in RDO

Red Dead Online Desert Sage Locations
Desert Sage in RDO

Location #1 – Gaptooth Ridge

This dainty purple petal can be found all across the Gaptooth Ridge and surrounding area in New Austin. You can find Desert Sage in moderation throughout these rocky hills. To be precise, you can find this plant, up near the northern border in Southwest of Rathskeller Fork.

Another location in Gaptooth Ridge where you can find the Desert Sage is up on the southern slopes of the ridge, southwest of Tumbleweed. There will be a point just to the east of where the three roads meet, you can find multiple Desert Sage. This plant is very rare to find in-game.

Location #2 – Rio Bravo

You can also find Desert Sage in Rio Bravo. It is just over the border into Rio Bravo. You need to wander south of Benedict Point, You can find Desert Sage and many other specimens of plants here.

Another place in Rio Bravo, where the Desert Sage grows is the road to the southwest of Plainview in Rio Bravo. You can find many Desert Sage plants here to the sides all along the path of the road.

Location #3 – Chollas Springs

Once you’ve collected all Desert Sage from Rio Bravo and Gaptooth Ridge, you should head to Chollas Springs to get more of these plants. First Place in Chollas Springs, where you can find this Desert Sage is in the northwest of Mercer Station between the Ridgewood Farm and Odd Fellow’s Rest, at the top of Jordan’s Gap.

The second place in Chollas Springs to find Desert Sage is north of Ridgewood Farm, a place called Hamlin’s Passing. It is known to be a lush foraging site for Desert Sage in RDO. You can find a bunch of Desert Sage here.

Third and the last place where you can find these Desert Sage, is along the north border of New Austin which east of Rathskeller Fork in Chollas Springs. You can find a bunch of these plants here too.

2. What can you do with Desert Sage in Red Dead Online?

Red Dead Online Desert Sage Locations
Red Dead Online Desert Sage | Fandom

Desert Sage can be used for many things in Red Dead Online:

  • Horse Ointment: It fully restores your horse Health Core and Stamina Core and it also gives a Golden Stamina Core to your horse for a day. To make this Horse Ointment you need 1x Desert Sage, 1x Common Bulrush, 1x Yarrow.
  • Special Tonics: You craft or cook Special Tonics which’ll replenish your health or stamina.
  • Sell Desert Sage: You can sell Desert Sage to store owners in New Austin for $1, Nuevo Paraiso for $2 and West Elisabeth for $2.

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