Poco X2 Rear Camera Not Working Issue Solution by Poco India

The Poco X2 was launched last year, but it is still the best gaming smartphone under Rs 15,000. It also has one of the best cameras in this price range. The Poco X2 received its Android 11 and MIUI 12 update in January this year. That’s where things went wrong. Poco X2 users reported several problems like overheating, third-party launchers failing, and battery drain after the update. The device also faced some hardware-specific issues later. Now, few users are complaining about the bug in the Camera application. The users are facing the “Rear Camera Not Working” Issue in Poco X2. Several users have complained and shared their issues via tweet.

The main issues faced by users currently are MIUI rear camera freeze and the display turning black. However, the front camera is working fine on the phone. The root reason has yet to be determined. Some speculate that it might be a software problem, while others blame the hardware.

Moreover, some users also noticed that the issue doesn’t persist on the other camera applications or third-party camera apps. Hence, the issue is surely not due to the hardware problem.

Some users are also getting an error message that reads “Can’t connect to camera” while opening the Poco Camera application.

How to “Solve Poco X2 Rear Camera Not Working” Issue by Poco India Support

After receiving many complaints from the Poco X2 user, the company has finally responded via Twitter. The company mentioned the detailed steps to follow to fix the issue. The company also claims that the steps mentioned would fix the problem of the majority of the devices.

To solve the “Can’t connect to camera” or “Rear Camera Not Working” issues in Poco X2, follow the following steps:

  1. Open settings and Seach Manage Apps
  2. Search for camera Application and clear all data
  3. Reboot you mobile

Check back the phone if the camera is working or not.

The company also gave an alternate solution if the above steps didn’t work. The Poco India Support team also mentioned the hardware solution protocol. So, if the issue persists, you have to report it in the Service and Feedback app of the Poco X2. Once reported, now you have to visit the nearest service centre with the feedback id generated through the app.

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