Realme Expected To Launch Its Realme Assistant

Realme never fails to surprise us every month with its new product. In March, Realme launched its Smart Scale along with its fantastic Realme 8 series. It supports 16 health measurement features, including weight, BMI, heart rate, muscle mass, moisture rate, and more. And now, for this month, Realme gives a hint that they may launch their Realme Assistant.

Yesterday Madhav Sheth, the CEO of Realme India, shared a tweet that indicated, the China-based smartphone brand is all set to amaze us again with its Realme Assistant.

Realme AIoT Launching Plans In India

Earlier in an interview, Madhav Sheth said that the company aims to establish over new 100 AIoT(Artificial Intelligence of Things) products in 2021. Realme targets bringing AI and IoT together in its upcoming products, i.e., AIOT products,  even in a toothbrush.

The upcoming AIoT products will include a virtual assistant, electric toothbrush, earbuds, smartwatches, 360 smart camera, and many more.

Realme Vision for future

“We aim to launch more than 100 new AIoT and lifestyle products in 2021 with a comprehensive AIoT range like trimmer, smart bulb, etc. So that customers can get all that they need for a smart, connected lifestyle.” 

Madhav Sheth Vice President, Realme and CEO, Realme India & Europe, told IANS

“Our fans will see a versatile and fascinating AIoT product portfolio in the upcoming months. We are still working on the 2021 AIOT strategy, roadmap, and general target. The ambition is big, and we will announce more on it soon.”

Realme CEO elaborated

The company aims to double down on its AIoT strategy this year.

“We will continuously democratize the latest technology to more consumers like 5G, cutting-edge camera technology, etc.”

Sheth noted

In an interview with Gadget360, when asked why to move into IoT, he said that they had a dream of becoming the most tech-lifestyle brand when they initiated. But they started with smartphones as they are the core of the technology.

According to Counterpoint Hearables Report, in the true Wireless Stereo(TWS) Category, Realme appeared to be the country’s leading brand.

According to the Wearable Device Report of IDC, in the wearables category in India, Realme has become the top brand and gained a share of 22.1% in September 2020.

“We have a product and innovation-first mindset and will work towards building innovative products and bringing the best of technology to our consumers.”

Realme CEO Said

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