How to Get and Where to Find Prairie Poppy in RDR2 and Red Dead Online

Prairie Poppy is a special plant that can be found in both RDR2 and RDO. You can easily identify them. It has a long stem and a golden yellow cup-shaped flower at the top. After you collect them these plants can be used to craft oil items like Snake Oil and Special Snake Oil. Snake Oil is a very useful tonic that players can use in the main story of RDR2 and Red Dead Online. But it is very difficult to find these plants on the map. But you can follow our guide to how to find the Prairie Poppy in RDR2 and Red Dead Online.

Where to Find Prairie Poppy in RDR2

Prairie Poppy can be found in the Eastern and Southside of the Great Plains. You can also find Prairie Poppy on the southern side of the railroad tracks. You can find Prairie Poppy along the telegraph poles/wires running North to South or the road beside the words “Broken Tree” on the map.

Note: You can easily spot Prairie Poppy in the daytime rather than at night.

Prairie Poppy can also be found in the South-Eastern part of Cholla Springs, New Austin, or scattered around the Blackwater.

In the starting hours, a trip to Blackwater and staying alive is very difficult. You need to take a quick trip using a horse or fast travel to avoid getting killed.

If you need more specific guidance, then this map indicates some of the specific locations of the Prairie Poppy.

Prairie Poppy Location in RDR2

What to do with Prairie Poppy in RDR2

After collecting enough Prairie Poppy you can craft Snake Oil and Special Snake Oil, which refills your dead eye meter. In starting your dead eye ability is weak and drains quickly.

By crafting Snake Oil or Special Snake Oil you will be able to keep your dead eye filled and use them against bandits and Legendary animals.

Now you know where to find Prairie Poppy in both RDR2 and Red Dead Online. Happy Reading!

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