PUBG New State Pre-Registration Hits 40 Million, Check the Release Date

Over 40 million pre-registrations for PUBG New State have been made on Android and iOS devices. According to Krafton, the battle royale game has recently completed its second alpha testing phase. Furthermore, Krafton said that the release date for the new game would be revealed in October.

New State is set to be released later this year. Pre-registration for the forthcoming battle royale game began earlier this month in India. Following the prohibition on PUBG Mobile in India, Krafton launched the game in February with a postponed pre-registration period.

Pre-registrations for PUBG: New State has reached 40 million on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. China and Vietnam are significant outliers in terms of Android pre-registration numbers. According to Krafton, the battle royale game completed its second alpha test in 28 countries last month. The game will be launched later this year as a free-to-play game for Android and iOS.

According to Minkyu Park, PUBG: New State’s Executive Producer,

We’re now focusing our efforts on incorporating the important input we received from PUBG: New State’s Second Alpha Test and polishing the game in preparation for its official release later this year. We are devoting all of our efforts to ensuring that New State meets the pleasure and stability expectations of our fans.

Minkyu Park

PUBG New State Release date

The global release date of PUBG New State is shown in the Apple App Store listing. According to the Apple Store, the game will be available on the App Store on October 8, 2021, which is a month sooner than expected.

How to Pre-register for PUBG NEW STATE India

How to Pre-register for PUBG NEW STATE India
Pre-register PUBG NEW STATE
  1. Go to the Google Play/App Store.
  2. Look for PUBG New State in store.
  3. Click on “Pre-register”
  4. When the game becomes available, a pop-up window will appear asking you to install it; tick the box to ensure that you get the game as soon as it becomes available.

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