PUBG Mobile x Dr. DisRespect Collabs for the Halloween Event

Dr. DisRespect, the famed streamer, and PUBG Mobile will be attending the event for the climax of PUBG Mobile’s “13 Days of Halloween” Livestream event, which is being hosted by the game’s developer.

What is “13 Days of Halloween?”

“13 Days of Halloween” is a unique event in PUBG Mobile that will countdown to Halloween. It’s a two-week-long Livestream event where the company will bring guest content creators and give away fantastic prizes. It’s already been a week, so there’s still time to be engaged.

With the release of PUBG Mobile, the developer is giving away in-game cash (UC) and real-world currency (gift cards), as well as some other goodies. Every day, one fortunate winner will be chosen to receive a set of Apple AirPods and an iPad mini from the prize pool. According to the appearance of the clip, the iPad seems to be an earlier iPad Mini.

A real motorbike will be given away as a final bonus by the firm. That’s right, the firm is holding a “Ride to Survive” contest in which one lucky winner will get a Ural Sidecar Motorcycle from the year 2021!

The Date For The Halloween Event

The celebration will conclude on October 29, 2021, and, as previously mentioned, it will include a very special visitor as part of the festivities. PUBG Mobile and Dr. DisRespect will team up to bring the game to a close.

PUBG Mobile and Dr. DisRespect Collab

Dr. DisRespect will appear as a special guest in the PUBG Mobile event. The event will be broadcast live on the YouTube channel on October 29, 2021, beginning at 5 o’clock p.m. Pacific Time (PDT) (-7:00 UTC). During this webcast, the famed live streamer will compete in four bouts against other players.

He’ll be playing with three separate teams of content producers in the first three matches; they’ll be called “Team Violence,” “Team Speed,” and “Team Momentum.” The following is a breakdown of the members of each team:

ViolenceMedalcore, Wynnsanity, and Rollex.
MomentumHotjuke, Her Gaming and Lu Power.
SpeedBushka, Bellafox and Jacob Gaming.

Dr. DisRespect will choose one MVP from each of these players and add them to his squad before entering Erangel’s map for the first time.

The game will also include several competitions, such as the Ride to Survive Sweepstakes, in which the winner will get a 2021 Ural Sidecar Motorcycle as well as other prizes.

Also available in the Who Will Doc Choose lottery, in which participants may win an iPhone and Airpods. In this challenge, they will have to guess who the Doc would choose as an influencer to speak with. The winners of both competitions will be revealed at the conclusion of the show.

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