Project Wingman Now Available for Xbox Consoles

Project Wingman is now available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles. Sector D2 announced on its official Twitter that Project Wingman is now available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Project Wingman was added to the Xbox Game Pass for PC library in July, however, it was not included in the console service at the time. Console Game Pass customers may now participate in dogfighting without any prior notice.

Project Wingman on Xbox Consoles

Project Wingman was previously accessible on Xbox Game Pass for PC, and it is now available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles as well. You may pick between a more casual game and a simulator in the game, and your goal is to operate a warfighter during a war on an alternate Earth. Take a look at what the developer said:

Project Wingman is now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! Play now with Xbox Game Pass […]”

– Humble Games

No Achievement list in Project Wingman

The game does not appear to have an achievement list. This is surprising given that it is now available on Game Pass for the console version. While Project Wingman’s Microsoft Store website lists the game’s capabilities, no Xbox achievements are mentioned under the Capabilities area. 

The only titles in Game Pass for consoles that do not offer achievements are the original Xbox games. Several Game Preview titles have been added to the program in recent months. Project Wingman does support Steam Achievements over on the PC. It’s a bit surprising that we don’t have a list for the Xbox One, despite the game having been available on consoles for more than 12 hours at this point.

Achievement Status Clarification

Project Wingman Now Available for Xbox Consoles
Project Wingman | Source: Xbox

We’ve gone out to developer Sector D2 to inquire about Project Wingman’s achievement status. It’s possible that there was a clerical error or that the achievement list is just not yet available. We’ll keep you informed if we learn anything new.

About Project Wingman

In this single-player action game, you will fly over a range of different exotic environments. The game lets you engage with foes in a variety of exciting scenarios. In the game, you control over 20 different planes and employ more than 40 different weaponry. “Giant mechanized strongholds and railgun cannons” are just a few of the opponents you’ll have to contend with.

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