Pokemon Go’s Weather Week Event Starting Next Week

As the weather has started changing and we welcome a rainy and windy season, Pokemon Go recently announced the first-ever Weather Week event; during this Weather Week event, players can see Pokemon that enjoy rainy and windy conditions will appear more frequently in the wild.

I. Date and Time of the Event

Pokemon Go Weather Week event will kick off on Wednesday, 24 March at 10:00 A.M. to Monday, 29 March at 8:00 P.M local time.

This event will cover in two half. The first half of the weather week event will start with rainy weather. From Wednesday, 24 March 10 A.M to Saturday, March 27, 10 A.M. local times, except to see Rain loving Pokemon like, Vaporeon, Lotad, Stunfisk, and many more rainy Pokemon will appear in the wild.

The second half of the event will start from Saturday at 10 A.M. to Monday, March 29 at 8 P.M. to the event end. In the second half, Pokemon except to see wind-loving Pokemon like, find Skarmony, Tailow, Pidove, and many more Windy Pokemon will appear in the wild.

II. Features of the Event

  • If you are lucky, you might encounter a Shiny Rainy Castform.
  • From 5 km Eggs, Pokemon like Psyduck, Poliwag, Swablu, Drifloon, Mantyke, Tympole, and Ducklett will hatch.
  • Slowpoke, Tynamo, and many more will appear in One-Star raids.
  • Swellow, Pelipper, and many more will appear in Three-Star raids.
  • Therian Forme Thunduru will appear in Five-Star raids.
  • Mega Houndoom, Mega Manectric, and Mega Abomasnow will appear in Mega-Raids.
  •  Rainy Form Castform will also appear in Times research and Event- Exclusive Field Research.
Pokemon Go’s Weather Week
Normal and Shiny Version of Rainy Castform | Source: Reddit

III. Bonus Event 

On catching Weather Boosted Pokemon you will earn extra stardust.

As Weather Weekevent ends, Therian Form Thundurus will leave Five-Star raids, and Therian Forme Tornadus will debut in Pokemon for the first time. Then only its third form, Therian Forme Landorus, will be left.

Pokemon Go’s Weather Week
Therian Forme Thundurus | Source: Fandom

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IV. About Pokemon Go

Pokémon Go is a 2016 virtual reality mobile game for iOS and Android devices produced and released by Niantic in cooperation with Nintendo and The Pokémon Group. The game is a partnership between Niantic, Nintendo, and The Pokémon Company, and it is part of the Pokémon franchise.

It makes use of GPS-enabled mobile devices to locate, capture, train, and battle virtual creatures known as Pokémon that appear to be in the player’s real-world location. The game is free to play and encourages in-app purchases for extra in-game items. It operates on a freemium business model with local advertisements. The game began with around 150 Pokémon species, which had grown to over 200 by the end of 2020.

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