Play as Marie The Aristocat in New Stray Mod

The game Stray, just launched in the month of July and players are already saying it’s ‘THE’ game of the year. Players love the experience of playing as a cat in the game and most especially the open-world experience. Stray also has an interesting story that you follow throughout the game. As the game is getting more popular day by day, people have started to make new mods for the game. One of the mod which is getting more attention from players is the play as Marie The Aristocat in Stray. This article will cover everything about the Marie the Aristocat mod in Stray.

Marie the Aristocat is a Disney movie Character from the Disney film The Aristocats. A modder named Huckleberrypie has made a mod for Stray. This Mod allows you to play as the cute, white-furred Marie instead of the usual ginger cat. This mod is getting very famous amongst the players from Japan as Marie the Aristocat has a propensity for kawaii. Cats in general have a special place in Japanese culture. Hello Kitty is the most popular in Japan.

Play as Marie The Aristocat in New Stray Mod
Marie The Aristocat

Play as Marie The Aristocat Mod in Stray is getting backlash from East Asian people as it depicts a cat playing the piano with chopsticks. This is a stereotype and racist thing which is being followed throughout many countries.

If you found this mod interesting and you want to download this mod, you can just go to Nexus Mods and just download it. Nexus Mods includes every detail about the mod and what are the requirements to download it.

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