OnePlus 10 Pro is More like an Oppo Phone than ever before: Here’s Why

OnePlus 10 Pro has released in China earlier this month. It is one of the most discussed smartphones of OnePlus since last year. OnePlus after collaborating with Oppo has made significant changes in the OnePlus old structures and is adopting Oppo features. OnePlus 10 Pro is the best example of it as it is running on whole Oppo Software. Moreover, the charger and UI are fully based on Oppo and have significant changes. The camera structure is also a point of attraction. OnePlus 10 Pro looks more like an Oppo smartphone and here is why we said that.

Transition of OnePlus from OxygenOS to ColorOS

OnePlus 10 Pro in china is running fully on Oppo software. Moreover, it has embedded ColorOS of Oppo rather than OnePlus OxygenOS. The company has made a surprising decision as OxygenOS has been an identity of the company for a major time and is quite more smooth and better than ColorOS. But, since the latest ColorOS 12.1 (which is present in OnePlus 10 pro) is really the same as OxygenOS. We hope that it will completely acquire the smoothness of it.

Better UI Features in OnePlus 10 Pro due to ColorOS

OnePlus 10 Pro has come with some cool UI changes as it has switched from its native OS to ColorOS. It has come with some cool wallpapers included in it. The new wallpaper picker is also super cool. The ColorOS animations are always the best out of all the OS in the market. This heritage continues in this OnePlus device also, as it has some very cool animations. It is having very smooth transitions and is very cool to use. But, will it come with OxygenOS or ColorOS in other parts of the world is unconfirmed yet.

OnePlus 10 Pro is More like an Oppo Phone than ever before
Oppo x OnePlus

Upgraded Camera Structure

The design of the OnePlus 10 pro is very much attractive as it comes in two colors of volcanic black and Emerald green. It is roughly the same size as the OnePlus 9 Pro that was launched last year. OnePlus is having a display size of 6.7 inches with a great refresh rate. It has retained the classic OnePlus shapes and cues. The alert slider has just moved up a little bit at the side panel.

OnePlus 10 Pro is More like an Oppo Phone than ever before
OnePlus 10 Pro | Source: OnePlus

But, the most noteworthy and amazing is the camera structure of the device. It seems to be a little bit inspired by Samsung S21 series. The camera structure is now looking more an integral part of the design and goes to the top of the device. It is coming with three rear cameras and one bicolor LED flash. This structure is named as 2nd Generation HasselBand Mobile Camera System by the company. It is coming with a 48 MP main camera, 50 MP ultra-wide camera, and 8 MP 3.3x telephoto camera. It will come with a 32 MP front camera.

Oppo Charger instead of OnePlus with better battery Performance

This latest OnePlus device will not be coming with a OnePlus charger anymore, instead will feature Oppo phone chargers. This means they have switched from the old warped chargers to the Super Vooc charger. One more interesting thing is that they have switched back to type-A USB from type-C USB. It will be coming with the red colored cable. The phone comes with a 5000 mAh battery and 80 W wired fast charging. It will also come with a 50W AirVOOC (i.e., Oppo wireless charger) wireless fast charging support. Moreover, although the battery life is great the battery is pretty much thick. It will also come with an LTPO2 display that will increase the battery performance.

Other new Features in OnePlus 10 Pro

The device will feature an amazing 6.7-inch screen with left size punched front camera. It will come with an optical fingerprint sensor, whose place is changed and has come a little above compared to the OnePlus 9 Pro sensor position. OnePlus will provide 1440p display resolution and a 120 Hz refresh rate. It has come with an LTPO2 panel which can even go down to 1 Hz saving more battery. The device has got the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset, which will provide better ML and AI performance. It comes with UFS 3.1 storage and LDDR5 RAM. OnePlus will also come with an extended RAM feature, that will allow the extra-fast storage to be used as RAM whenever required.

OnePlus 10 Pro is More like an Oppo Phone than ever before
OnePlus 10 Pro | Source: OnePlus


OnePlus has made a major foot forward by switching the whole software to the Oppo version. But, it’s unclear now that it is for the China version of the OnePlus 10 pro and whether it will globally follow the same. But the very cool device design and camera structure will be the same all over the world. It can launch any time soon this year and I am sure you will be waiting to hold this extra smooth and cool designed smartphone in your hands.

What do you think switching to ColorOS is a smart move by OnePlus or not? Tell us in the comments below!!

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