NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4000 Series Release Date, Price & Specs

Nvidia RTX 4000 series is the talk of the town these days, and are expected to launch in the coming months. The 4000 series architecture will be called the Lovelace. And, in this article, we discuss their predicted Release dates, prices, and expected specifications.

I. Nvidia RTX 4000 series Release Date & Rumours:

Nvidia hasn’t officially declared an official RTX 4000 release date. But with help of some rumors and Nvidia’s record, we can assume and predict the release date.

For the past decade, Nvidia has produced a new consumer-grade microarchitecture every two years.

Further, RTX 3000 GPUs were released in 2020. So, it’s safe to assume that they should release the new RTX 4000 GPUs sometime in 2022. But we are already past half of 2022 and we have seen no RTX 4000 yet, why?

According to the information on a prospective RTX 4000 release date, the Nvidia GPUs were supposed to be shown in mid-July, but this may potentially be somewhat delayed. The delay is due to the excess stock of RTX 3000 series cards because of their low demand. This is why Nvidia is not releasing the RTX 4000 series cards. 

Because of the low demand and excess stock of the RTX 3000 series, Nvidia has also cut down on orders of 5nm wafers from TSMC, but they have delayed the orders for a quarter.

There also have been reports of Nvidia pulling back on the production of some RTX 3000 series cards.

The previous speculation was if not a July release then a September release for the RTX 4000 Series Cards according to reputed leakers.

But as we know about the delays from Nvidia regarding the 5nm Wafers and we also know from rumors that a month delay will surely be there because Nvidia wants to clear out as much RTX 3000 as possible so you can expect these cards to land in October 2022 till January 2023 (CES 2023).

Also, the launch order of the individual cards might not be the same as in previous generations, we might see a 4090 release first then 4080, and so on.

II. What will be the specs of Nvidia RTX 4000 series cards?

The most essential piece of information is how excellent the 4000 series will be. The next generation of cards is featuring a new architecture dubbed Lovelace, which is perhaps the most fascinating part about them. These are planned to employ a 5-nm technology, as compared to the existing Ampere GPUs’ 8-nm.

According to leaks, graphics cards like the RTX 4090 and RTX 4080, which are expected to make use of the premium AD102 GPU die, could have up to 71 percent more CUDA cores than the RTX 3000.

Further, RTX 4090 boosting to 2520 MHz or even high as 2750 MHz, would be a high improvement as the 3090 goes up to 1695 MHz. That is just a straight-up increase of 60 Percent in clock speeds and performance.

We might even see a massive 46GB VRAM model of the 4090 too. But one thing that has been in talks for a long time and now seems like it would be true is the high power consumption these cards might have. The RTX 4090 and 4080 reportedly will have 450 W and 420 W power consumption respectively. The 4060 will consume about 300 Watts of power. So, these cards will be really power-hungry for sure.

III. Expected Pricing of Nvidia RTX 4000 Series Cards:

Until team green makes an official statement, we won’t know the pricing of Nvidia RTX 4000 graphics cards, but we would make an approximation based on rumors and the price of prior GPUs. Firstly, the MSRP of RTX 4000 GPUs could rise by up to 10%, as a result of the recent increase in silicon wafer prices.

With an MSRP of USD 1,499 at launch, the RTX 3090 was $1,000 less expensive than the Nvidia Titan RTX. So, we can expect the RTX 4090 to be around in the $1,499 to $1,999 price range. 

Regarding the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070, we anticipate that their starting costs of $699 and $499, respectively, will be similar to those of their predecessors. For the 4060, we can expect somewhat similar pricing to the 3060 which was 20 dollars cheaper than its predecessor at $329. So, the RTX 4000 Series might also be cheaper, who knows?

IV. Conclusion:

The leaks, if they come out to be true once the Nvidia RTX 4000 Series is out, then the cards will be excellent on price-to-performance parameters. Additionally, another important factor is how well they will hold up against RDNA-3 cards when they come out. 

If you are planning on buying the RTX 4000 cards when they launch you should be ready with a 1000 W PSU, and also be ready for standing in long queues at the stores (We hope that doesn’t happen and you don’t get RTX 3000 flashbacks). That is it for this one, we hope it helped you.

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