Nvidia and AMD Prices in Europe Increase Exponentially

The tech shortages continue as players struggle to obtain next-generation consoles, and prices for Nvidia and AMD appear to increase exponentially. Gamers nowadays, especially PC gamers, have it rough. Buying a current Nvidia or AMD graphics card might feel futile. Cryptomining is projected to cause trouble until the middle of next year. It is causing shortages unless consumers are ready to pay the increased rates. Surprisingly, a recent poll suggests that GPU prices are on the rise in Europe. This might bode doom for the computer industry as a whole.

Nvidia and AMD Prices Increase

According to a recent study based on a 3DCenter survey, Nvidia and AMD prices are still increasing, especially in the German and Austrian markets. Nvidia’s MSRP increased by 188 percent, while AMD’s increased by 201 percent. While it appears to be impacting just European countries, the article goes on to claim that it might have a global impact, even in the United States.

GPU Chart Suggestion on Prices 

The non-XT version of the AMD 6800, which was released in October, was the individual graphics card. It witnessed the most growth. The GPU has had a 49 percent price hike since last month, while the GeForce RTX 3060 has seen a 30 percent price increase. It’s probably too early to say at this point because November has only just begun. The trend monitoring GPU pricing suggests that costs may continue to rise until the end of the year. Overall, especially in the run-up to the holidays, it’s looking bleak for anyone wanting to get their hands on any new tech devices at or near MSRP.

GPU chart suggests that prices could continue to increase 
Nvidia RTX 30 & AMD RX 6000 | Source: 3D Center

As shown in the chart, there was a period when Nvidia and AMD cards were becoming more affordable. This indicates that things were improving. However, things only appear to have grown worse since then. With the continued semiconductor scarcity and crypto miners still hanging onto a large number of graphics cards. PC gaming is currently in serious condition.

Graphics CardRX 6600RX 6600 XTRX 6700 XTRX 6800RX 6800 XTRX 6900 XT30603060 Ti30703070 Ti30803080 Ti3090
October Price Movement+5%+12%+45%+8%+6%+30%+14%-8%+10%+3%+22%
Final Price Above MSRP (from)+59%+63%+56%+159%+108%+40%+112%+72%+85%+61%+95%+38%+74%
MSRP€ 339€ 380€ 479€ 579€ 649€ 999€ 329€ 419€ 519€ 619€ 719€ 1199€ 1549
Average price increase for AMD & Nvidia graphics cards for the month of October in Europe

With Intel’s CEO projecting that shortages would last until 2023, practically identical to what Nvidia and AMD officials have indicated. Buyers are left with no choice but to pay the exorbitant rates that GPUs are presently selling. It’s a sad scenario, and current trends indicate that there isn’t much good news on the horizon.

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