Nothing Phone 1 Users Complained About bugs and Physical Issues

Ever since the new debut of “Nothing Phone 1” was unveiled. It is the talk of the town, but this time over its users complaining about bugs and physical issues. Many have reached to the internet posting on Twitter, Reddit, and other such forums, talking about how the Phone 1 has tint issues, non-symmetrical flash, and other bugs. Others have also complained about how the Phone is hanging and overheating while charging. In the below guide, we will cover some major issues and problems with the Nothing Phone (1) 

Nothing Phone (1) Bugs and Physical Issues 

I. Tint issue

Many buyers have claimed that they are facing a “Green tint” issue on the top and bottom of their display screen. It is said that AMOLED Panels usually face such sort of issues as the RGB array has red and blue diodes, which may malfunction or abruptly make the display green.  

II. Dead Pixels 

There is a complaint by one such user regarding that the front camera has dead pixels around it. His unit got replaced with Flipkart support but not sure what is the case with the replaced one.

Another issue is the dust and moisture under the rear camera module panel, despite having an IP53 rating. 

III. Issues with the Glyph LED light strip

People saw Glyph LED light Strip peeling off and faced non-symmetrical flash issues. One of the users has commented on Twitter – “The back flash is tilted and had a small colour chip on the bottom.”

IV. Hang & Overheating 

One of the users took on Twitter that the Phone (1) overheats while charging. While using some apps in the background, the device occasionally faces issues like hanging, locking, and unlocking. 

V. Problem with Bluetooth Connectivity

One of the users on the Reddit forum pointed out that he faced glitches while connecting Bluetooth. Phone (1) indicated restarting the device, but the issue remains unsolved. A software update might solve the problem. 

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VI. Occasional Lagging of the device after unlocking 

Another such user on Reddit posted that every time he unlocks Phone 1, it lags badly. Restarting the phone, locking and unlocking the device, and quitting other apps are some options that may or may not be helpful. Although factory resetting your device may work, there is no concrete answer.


After the great hype of the Nothing Phone (1), some users might be disappointed with the high claims made by Carl Pie. To add the software problems and bugs might get resolved in the upcoming updates, but for physical issues, you must seek a replacement unit.

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