Nothing Phone 1 Price Leaked via Amazon Listing

Ever since the rumored around Nothing Phone 1 has unveiled, people across the world are eager for the phone to arrive. Now the biggest reveal is (allegedly) made by Amazon about Nothing Phone 1 Price details. Read further to know more about Nothing Phone 1 Price Leaked via Amazon Listing. 

Price of Nothing Phone 1

The Nothing Phone 1 will cost EUR 469.99 (about Rs. 38,750) for the base 8GB RAM + 128GB storage option and EUR 549.99 for the top 12GB RAM + 256GB storage variant, according to posts by Amazon Germany (roughly Rs. 45,350). However, It is assumed that a third model with 8GB RAM and 256GB of storage is available for EUR 499.99. (roughly Rs. 41,250). There’s a possibility that the pricing of the Nothing Phone 1 in India is probably going to be less than the costs in Europe.

It is to note that the above price listing for Nothing Phone 1 is done by Amazon Germany. Therefore, prices may vary for different regions and countries accordingly. 

Price of Nothing Phone 1 in Dollars and Rupees

Apart from that, the previous sources claimed that Nothing Phone 1 will cost $397 (approximately Rs. 31,350) for the 8GB RAM + 128GB storage variant, $419 (about Rs. 33,100) for the intermediate 8GB RAM + 256GB storage model, and $456 (roughly Rs. 36,000) for the top-of-the-line 12GB RAM + 256GB storage model.

Nothing Phone 1 Price Leaked via Amazon Listing
Nothing Phone 1 | Source: Twitter

Nothing Phone 1 Launcher

Having said that Nothing has launched its Nothing Launcher to the Google Play Store, allowing you to experiment with the company’s concept of the home screen on whatever Android device you possess. The launcher is simple, but it includes several useful features, such as support for custom icons, variable sizes for programme icons and folders, and multiple layout options.

Nothing’s dot-based widgets are also included. It’s more neatly incorporated, on the Nothing Phone itself, with a composed appearance throughout the always-on display, the lock screen, and the launcher as a whole. 

Its launch will remain the most anticipated wait for everyone. Nothing is claiming to be an effective alternative for the integrated ecosystem like Apple.

Let’s see what kind of changes they’re going to make in the realm of technology.

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