How to Get Shattered Sword in New World

In New World MMORPG, there is a lot of resources players can obtain; one of them is Shattered Sword. Shattered Sword in New World is quite tricky to find by players. Shattered Sword is a Legendary Tier 5 rarity resource, and it will occupy your 0.3 kg of capacity in your inventory.

The remains of a sword that was destroyed in battle long ago. Perhaps you can reforge it?

New World

How to Get Shattered Sword in New World

In the New World, Shattered Sword is dropped by enemies with a level of 58 or above. Your best chance of finding the Shattered Sword is from Khamruset Arcanist Boss. Khamruset Arcanist is an ancient family type and level 66 Boss. You can use strike attack, void attack, and lighting attack to defeat him quickly.

Get Shattered Sword in New World
Shattered Sword

Below we are providing you with the complete list of all bosses who drop Shattered Sword after you defeat them:

Enemy NameLevelFamilyLoot Restrictions
Putris60BeastZone Level 58+
Nguyen the Taker62AncientZone Level 58+
Jasmine the Giver62AncientZone Level 58+
TBD Frozen Boss62AncientZone Level 58+
The Surgeon60AncientZone Level 58+
Light Crafter of Old62AncientZone Level 58+
Alcyon66AncientZone Level 58+
Khamruset Arcanist66AncientZone Level 58+
Gnasher60BeastZone Level 58+
Daisy62BeastZone Level 58+
Maceo65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Mirepaw62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Pride of the Trees66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
The Blight Bringer60Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Alluvium Marl, the Caretaker66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Mozrul the Herald60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Leviathan of the Deep66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Myrkgard Herald65CorruptedZone Level 58+
Svikin Gate Lord61CorruptedZone Level 58+
Pit Lord Daehi62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Corrupted Excubitor Luca60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Captain Thorpe66CorruptedZone Level 58+
Myrkgard Commander65CorruptedZone Level 58+
Overseer Levy61CorruptedZone Level 58+
Unholy Rector61CorruptedZone Level 58+
High Priest Oseguera60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Myrkgard Priest65CorruptedZone Level 58+
TBD Named Damned Priest62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Baines62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Malevolence62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Well Guardian60Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Fay the Last Protector64Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Adjorjan60Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Cael62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Corrupted Serenity Champion60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Heavy59CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Heavy62CorruptedZone Level 58+
TBD Named Heavy62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Maiden60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Maiden60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Maiden62CorruptedZone Level 58+
TBD Named Maiden62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Summoner59CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Summoner62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Dynasty Warrior62CorruptedZone Level 58+
Farley59LostZone Level 58+
Phobos62LostZone Level 58+
Hypnos62LostZone Level 58+
Morphos62LostZone Level 58+
Cilla66AncientZone Level 58+
The Blighted Greenskeeper66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Fulg’da66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Forcos66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Taxodius66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Tax’i66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
O’dus66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Avarice66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Thorn of the Heartwood62Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Kotemos65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Gorgyri66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Morphian66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Guardian of the Light64Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Barder65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Viridulon the Rootbound66Angry EarthZone Level 58+
The Grotto’s Thorn60Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Circes65Angry EarthZone Level 58+
Articulon the Unshackled60CorruptedZone Level 58+
Hungry Tiger60BeastZone Level 58+
Chardis66Zone Level 58+
The Siren’s Fist63LostZone Level 58+
Mordici the Mortician60LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Fury64LostZone Level 58+
Slayer Rosellen60LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Guide63LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Dog65LostZone Level 58+
Smoothbore Samuel60LostZone Level 58+
Roundshot Ronaldo60LostZone Level 58+
Ironcast Ingvald60LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Brute64LostZone Level 58+
The Siren’s Gun63LostZone Level 58+
Ivan the Inevitable60LostZone Level 58+

Uses of Shattered Sword

You can use Shattered Sword to create various items such as ammo and house furnishings using different Crafting Stations. Furthermore, Shattered Sword is used to make Whisper of Wood. Whisper of the Wood is a tier 5 legendary sword with a 600 gear score in New World MMORPG. You must have Weaponsmithing level 195 to create Whisper of Wood legendary sword.

Get Shattered Sword in New World
Stats of Whisper of Wood Legendary Sword

How to Get Whisper of Wood Legendary Sword

You need to craft the Whisper of Wood legendary sword in the New World. You must have Weaponsmithing level 195 to create Whisper of Wood legendary sword.

Recipe of Whisper of Wood:

  • 14x Asmodeum
  • 8x Runic Leather
  • 3x Glittering Ebony
  • 1x Etched Handguard
  • 1x Shattered Sword
  • 4x Cinnabar
  • 2x Smolderhide
Get Whisper of Wood Legendary Sword
Whisper of Wood Legendary Sword

About New World

New World is an Open World MMO game launched by Amazon Games. The game’s location is set upon Aeternum, a mysterious island discovered during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. You can channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system. It can be played alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles. New World is exclusive to the PC platform.

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