Need For Speed 2022 | Everything We Know So Far!

The racing games have also been very popular but one name that is undoubtedly the most iconic is Need For Speed. The new Need For Speed 2022 is expected to come soon. And all of its leaks and details are in this article.

I. Need For Speed 2022 All Details, Leaks 

1. Development of Need For Speed 2022

Codemasters Cheshire is collaborating with Criterion Games on Need for Speed, according to an EA post on Linkedin.

Codemasters Cheshire, the studio behind DiRT 5, and Criterion Games will “embark on an extraordinary journey to build the future of Need for Speed,” according to a Producer job listing posted by EA Senior Recruiter Pete Johnson.

Ghost Games was given responsibility by EA for the previous four NFS console releases. However, as EA looks to the past to create a brighter future for NFS, they have now been removed. Criterion has earlier created a number of NFS games, including Hot Pursuit in 2010.

2. Need For Speed 2022 Expected/Leaked Release Date

Need for Speed 2022 will debut later this year in the third quarter of Financial Year 23. This was announced by EA during a Q4 earnings call. This identifies a release sometime between October 1 and December 31.

Reliable insider Tom Henderson has revealed the precise release date for the upcoming Need for Speed game, which EA said will arrive in the third quarter of the Financial Year 23.

Need for Speed 2022 will be launched on November 4th, per Henderson’s sources. Additionally, it will supposedly be made public before Gamescom in July.

And as we have seen in the past the Need For Speed games always launch in November as it is the time near Black Friday and just a month before Christmas Holidays.

So, the new Need For Speed 2022 will be released in November 2022.

3. NFS 2022 Map and Locations

Some Need for Speed 2022 screenshots got leaked some time ago.  The map is first shown in the leaked screenshots, and it is enormous.

The game’s rumored Lake Shore City (which is a Chicago-inspired) fictitious setting is depicted on the map, which also includes motorways, city streets, and winding drift roads. The leaked screenshots also give us our first glimpse of the user interface.

Its predecessor Need For Speed Heat was based in a Miami-based city and there is a possibility that EA links both of the games’ stories as Heat’s story didn’t look complete. 

4. NFS 2022 Graphics 

According to rumors, Need for Speed will change its visual aesthetic. The next NFS from Criterion will have photorealistic graphics combined with anime elements. 

Further, it is explained as combining specific animation effects, etc with the photorealistic cars and environment. Which will make the game look different and bring it more to life.

5. Game Modes in Need For Speed 2022

The single-player mode is the traditional game mode for old NFS players. but there isn’t much information available about the story and other aspects of it. 

The driving and customization will take priority over the single-player mode. The best aspect of Heat was customization, so Criterion most likely will not modify it. The visuals and music should be excellent because this is an EA game, especially one for the next-generation consoles.

For Multiplayer too there isn’t a lot of information at this point, but you can infer certain things from past titles. Crossplay was introduced into the Heat series, so that should continue. Cops and Robbers and races are still expected to be available in NFS Online.

Criterion also had a multiplayer/online version made back in 2010 for older NFS games named Autolog. It was a social media-like system combined in the game and it was highly appreciated. This Autolog is also rumored to come back in Need for Speed 2022.

6. Cars in NFS 2022

The cars in this game would surely be nothing short of impressive. And the system would be the same as previous titles in which you start with older cars and then gradually upgrade to supercars.

7. Which devices will be compatible with NFS 2022?

Rumors suggest that this game would strictly be a current-gen console (PS5 and Xbox Series X) game. That means that it would not be released for PS4 or older Xbox series. 

As for PC release though, it is expected to release for PC too and it should be a hefty game to run. But the higher-end 3000 series Graphic cards should have no issue in running these games but you’ll have to make some compromises if you have the lower-mid-end cards.

II. When is Need for Speed 2022 going to be Revealed?

The Need For Speed is to be launched in November this year

Need for Speed 2022 is rumored to be released in November. But no official teasers, images, trailers, or gameplay footage have been released as of yet. 

When you consider the marketing for the last Need for Speed game, Need for Speed Heat, you can kind of track the date down. Just three months before it was published in November of the same year, on August 14, 2019, a reveal trailer for Need for Speed Heat was unveiled.

This year, Gamecom 2022 will take place from August 24 to 29. However, EA withdrew from Gamescom this year,  therefore cutting out the idea of Need for Speed 2022 making a presence there. EA will host its own events to reveal the games.

This July we got the FIFA reveal. But it is the end of July now but we haven’t got anything on NFS yet. According to leakers, the reveal has been delayed a little and we should get it soon in August.

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