5 Most Unique Smartphones in The World

The Smartphone industry has taken a giant leap in the last few years and has introduced some great inventions we have never thought of. Perhaps you may not be aware of how many unique mobile phones exist in the world. The universe of strange phones is more significant than anyone can imagine. So here we have listed 5 unusual and unique smartphones in the world you may never have seen.

1. Blackview BV 9800 Pro

Blackview BV 9800 Pro is an ultra-rugged phone. The BV 9800 Pro is a flagship device with a long list of impressive features. It is IP68 IP69k rated and passed the military standard 810G standard to ensure its durability in any harsh weather condition. It comes with a 6.3-inch IPS LCD display that lets you enjoy excellent content. The solid and durable hardware of this phone makes it the most rugged phone in the market.

The second highlighting feature about this mobile is its triple rear camera that enables you to take great quality photos and videos. It has a built-in FLIR Lipton thermal imaging camera that translates heat source in the thermal image, allowing you to use it as a survival tool in the wild. IT has a massive 6580 mAh battery, giving you 30 hours of music playtime on a single charge.

OS SystemAndroid 9.0 Pie
Screen Size6.3 in
Battery Power6580 mAh
RAMDual Camera, Front and Back: 0.3 pixel
CameraFront-16 MP Rear-48 MP+ 5 MP
Display Size0.96″ Colour Screen

2. Nubia Alpha

What if I tell you that you can wear a smartphone like a smartwatch? Yes, you read It right now; you can do that with Nubia Alpha, a unique phone you can wear every day. It comes with a 4.01 inch foldable, flexible display, which gives it its distinctive look and lets you wear it like a SmartWatch on your hand all day.

Most unique smartphones in the world
Nubia Alpha | Source: Nubia

This phone comes with sports and health monitoring sensors that keep track of your health and features a 5-megapixel camera that lets you take great-quality photos and videos. You can control this phone conveniently with a mid-air gesture. This phone comes with a 500 mAh battery that lasts up to 48 hours on a single charge. Nubia Alpha also supports Bluetooth calling and message reminder. Nubia Alpha comes in a stainless steel waistband to give you a premium feel.

This Nubia Alpha is undoubtedly one of the unique smartphones in world which you can get for yourself.

Product Dimensions4.71 x 3.5 x 1.38 cm
ConnectivityGSM / HSPA / LTE
Display16M Colours AMOLED touchscreen
OSProprietary Platform NubiaOS
Materialtainless Steel 316L

3. Zanco S Pen

Can you imagine a phone that looks like a pen can be used as a hit set and is incredibly portable, versatile, and helpful? Well, take a look at the design of Zanco S Pen. At the same time, this can be a very weird-looking mobile for you. Zanco S Pen is the world’s thinnest mobile pen phone right now that has a six-day-long battery life, so it will indeed serve you with ultimate convenience.

Zanco S Pen has multiple features, including a stylus pen, a Bluetooth headset, a voice recorder, and much more. It also has a unique laser pointer feature. This phone has many daily essential functions such as texting, calling, mp3 and mp4 player, and several other enjoyable features. This phone has a 0.3-pixel camera both at the back and front. The point is that it is not meant to replace your mobile, but it can be your smartphone’s best companion. This mobile can be used as a secondary phone having lots and lots of features.

Sim CardSingle Sim Card
Internal Memory32 MB Ram, 32 MB Rom
CameraDual Camera, Front and Back: 0.3 pixel
Display Size0.96″ Colour Screen

4. CAT S60

CAT S60  is the world’s first smartphone with a built-in thermal vision camera. The phone’s Flir thermal imaging camera captures heat invisible to the human eye, highlights temperature contrasts, tracks heat, and measures surface temperature from up to 100 feet away. The camera of CAT S60 also allows you to see in the dark and through the smoke. Another unique feature of this device is its durability; it has a sturdy metal frame and glass cover.

Most unique smartphones in the world
CAT S60 | Source: Flipkart

CAT S60 is also a waterproof phone which can survive even at a depth of 16 feet(5m)  for up to 60 minutes. This mobile is military standard MIL 810G and IP68 certified and can survive a 6-foot (1.8m) fall onto concrete. The device features a 13 MP rear camera with dual flash and a 5 MP front camera. It comes with a Super Bright display of 540 nits and with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection.

Camera13MP Primary & 5MP Front
Battery Power Rating3800
Weight222 g
Connectivity TechnologiesGSM, UMTS, HSPA+, 4G, 3G, WCDMA, (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), (850/900/2100 MHz), HSPA

5. Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Max Gold Phone

Caviar aims to reinvent the most popular smartphones and offer them a luxury loop, making each state-of-the-art no matter if it’s Apple or Samsung. This company always concentrates on delivering premium designs, which is not for regular people. This unique mobile is among the most expensive phones globally, with only seven limited editions available. The price of this premium smartphone is $169,000(1,26,90,421.25 Rs).

This unique phone 12 Pro Ultra Gold Phone case is made of 999.9 gold(24 Carat). The brilliance of pure gold lends exclusivity to the handset and shows the owner’s exceptional and graceful taste. This phone has all of the functionality that a regular iPhone 12 pro(Max) has, but the elegance and impeccable style of this limited iPhone makes it one of the unique phone in the world.

This was our list of unique smartphones in the world. If you think we have missed any other smartphones with unique features, please let us know by commenting down below.

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