Cinematic Trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther at E3 2021 Shows New Enemies

Finally, a new playable hero is arriving in Marvel’s Avengers. Black Panther is coming in Marvel’s Avengers War for Wakanda expansion. After the two previous heroes, players had to wait this long to see the next upcoming hero in Marvel’s Avengers. Square Enix revealed the Black Panther Cinematic Trailer at E3 2021 conference. Black Panther theme War for Wakanda was announced a month ago. Square Enix also announced that it would be coming in-game this summer in August.

Black Panther cinematic trailer at E3 2021 has a lot of new content. It reveals Black Panther royal bodyguard Dora Milaje along with Suri T’Challa’s sister and Okoye. There is also a new Wakanda jungle biome, new costumes, new outpost and many more.

There is also a new villain for the War for Wakanda expansion. Ulysses Klaue is the villain of Marvel’s War for Wakanda Expansion. Square Enix said in a blog post,

“Ulysses Klaue has made his way to Wakanda, intent on stealing Vibranium for his own selfish needs. Black Panther brings the Avengers and his fellow Wakandans together to defend his home from the incoming threat.”

Square Enix

Along with Ulysses Klaue, there are also new enemies called Crawlers and a robotic spider. There are no other details on these enemies yet.

Black Panther Trailer at E3 2021
Black Panther Villian Ulysses Klaue | Source: Square Enix

Square Enix also said,

” As we get closer to releasing War for Wakanda, we’ll be publishing blogs, showcasing outfits, hosting dev streams and AMAs, and more! Keep an eye out on our social channels for more information.” 

Square Enix

Square Enix only revealed a glimpse of War for Wakanda expansion its interesting to watch what’s more exciting things are coming in Marvel’s Avengers this summer. 

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