Magma Blade in Elden Ring: Method to Get it and Location

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game that is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. In an action role-playing game, weapons do play a vital role in your gameplay because they help in fighting enemies and continue your survival. Every player has his or her favorite gun which they will always be searching for. But there are these drop guns; which everyone loves to use. This could be because of their rarity, their power, and a few other factors as such. One such rare drop in Elden Ring is the ‘Magma Blade’. What is the Magma Blade in Elden Ring? How to get Magma Blade? Where can you usually find the Magma Blade? Let’s find answers to these questions –

1. What is the Magam Blade in Elden Ring?

Magma Blade in Elden Ring: Method to Get it and Location
Magma Blade in Elden Ring

The Magma Blade is an extremely-powerful curved sword in Elden Ring. It primarily scales with dexterity, faith, and strength. As the weapon’s name suggests, this curved sword deals fire damage. And its Magma Shower weapon skill will leave damaging magma on the ground and can be very potent.

The Magma Blade is a rare drop from the Man-Serpents. The Man-Serpents are found around the Volcano Manor, specifically those wielding the weapon. Tarnished can find several as they explore the fiery exterior of the manor. Yet, you can find the best farming location after defeating Elden Ring’s Godskin Noble in the Temple of Eiglay.

2. How to Get Magma Blade (The Prerequisite)?

Magma Blade in Elden Ring: Method to Get it and Location
Elden Ring Magma Blade Map

The steps involved in obtaining the Magma Blade are –

Step 1: Gain access to the dungeon at Volcano Manor. There are several ways to gain the access, but the simplest way is to work on Rya’s questline in Elden Ring. Keep working until are teleported to the Manor.

Step 2: On being teleported, you should now speak with Tanith. This is to initiate the Volcano Manor questline and earn the Drawing-Room Key. Use this key to open the first door on the right in the hallway to the west of Tanith.

Step 3: On opening the first door, hit the wall just past the corpse in the room. Do this to reveal a path to the dungeon at Volcano Manor.

Step 4: After entering the Volcano Manor dungeon, players should go through it until they reach the Temple of Eiglay Site of Grace. Take the lift right next to this Site of Grace and climb up to the second floor. Enter into the second-floor balcony. This is where you need to fight against Elden Ring’s Godskin Noble.

3. Where can you Usually find the Magam Blade?

After defeating the Godskin Noble boss, exit the balcony on the second floor and ascend the small winding slope beside the lava falls. On ascending the winding slope, you will enter the opening in the building near the molten river. Be cautious of the Abductor Virgin patrolling nearby. After dodging away from him, find a lift that will serve as a shortcut back to Site of Grace. Now, activate the Site of Grace. This enables you to efficiently farm the Man-Serpents, and go to and fro the Site of Grace.

Tarnished farmers have mentioned that Man-Serpent mobs wielding a flaming Magma Blade are more likely to drop the weapon; though this isn’t officially announced yet. So, players can focus on slaying these Man-Serpent mobs.

Magma Blade in Elden Ring: Method to Get it and Location
Elden Ring Magma Blade Stats

A small recommendation to all the players is to equip the Elden Ring’s Silver Scarab Talisman and eat Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot before going on a Man-Serpent hunt. Don’t forget that fast traveling will dispel the Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot’s effect. So, keep consuming them frequently.

4. Conclusion about the Magma Blade in Elden Ring

Completing this whole thing and obtaining the Magma Blade does take a lot of patience, perseverance, and a bit of luck to make the RNG work in your favor. But I promise Magma Blade is worth all this.

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