Looting Animation in Horizon Forbidden West Has Been Removed

Looting Animation in Horizon Forbidden West is when you notice Aloy slow down and reaches for any resources you prompt her to collect. The animation isn’t that slow and deliberate, but at the same time, it’s rather vague and directionless. You will notice Aloy just stretches her hand in the general direction of the resource and it disappears from the screen. The latest Patch removes the Looting Animation in Horizon Forbidden West. What else does the new patch in Horizon Forbidden West address?

Patch 1.09 is live for a few days. And it addressed issues related to both the main quest and side quests.

What are the issues addressed in the New Patch in Horizon Forbidden West?

Related to Main Quest, things like machines, NPCs, and players getting stuck in places which they shouldn’t are addressed; and related to side quest, the patch addressed issues like NPCs not being where they are supposed to be, some missing prompts, more getting-stuck issues, and even progression breaking bug.

How to fix the Looting Animation issue as said in the Patch notes?

Look into the General options to find a toggle for Pickup Animation. Switch it off to enable you to pick up items on the move, without any change or glitch in the animation or even change in the speed while you are in motion. Taking the present lazy animations into consideration, using this option seems to be a better option.

Other issues addressed in the latest Patch in Horizon Forbidden West:

The issue of the shimmering visuals has also been addressed by the Patch. This issue plagued multiple players. Players don’t even know what is the exact reason behind the issue. But toggling the anti-aliasing seems to be the help according to the patch notes.

There are still some issues that are to be identified and rectified by the developers. But I think the recent Patch 1.09 has given a solution to major problems faced by the players.

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