Location of Tesla And How to Make a Tesla Car in BGMI and PUBG

The latest BGMI 1.5 Ignition update has introduced many new futuristic changes to the game. Krafton has collaborated with the most well-known brand Tesla in the new update. With this update, the players can stand a chance to unlock Tesla skins. Not only this, but players can also get an opportunity to make their own Tesla car(Model Y) in the BGMI. Moreover, PUBG received the same features and Tesla way before, with the PUBG 1.5 ignition update.

The partnership between Krafton and Tesla was announced on July 13th, 2021. The theme of the Ignition update is futuristic technology. The players are allowed to unlock and build a Tesla car at the factory. In addition, the Tesla car in BGMI includes an autopilot mode, which allows the car to go to the specified location automatically. Here in this article, we will guide you about the location of Tesla and how you can make your own Tesla in BGMI and PUBG easily.

Location Of Tesla Factory in BGMI or PUBG

The Tesla factory in BGMI is known as the Gigafactories. You can find the Gigafactories in the Erangel map of the game. The Gigafactories let you create your own Tesla. In addition, there are a total of 4 Giga Factory fixed locations on the map. By looking at the map, you can easily figure out where the industries are located. Here are the locations of Gigafactories where you can activate your own Tesla Car:

  • Gatka
  • Farm
  • Near Rozhok
  • Near Tech Center
Location of Tesla And How to Make Your Own Tesla Car in BGMI or PUBG
Location Of Gigafactory in BGMI

How to Get Your Own Tesla Car in BGMI or PUBG

To start, you need to first land nearest to the Giga factory. However, you’ll encounter many other players in the location which you have to eliminate. Once you enter the factory you need to activate a total of 3 mechanisms in order to create a Tesla. However, finding their location is a bit difficult. Here are the locations of the mechanism inside the Gigafactory:

Location-1: The first mechanism is located right above the entrance. Climb the stairs and in the center you will find the mechanism. Click on open

Location of Tesla And How to Make Your Own Tesla Car in BGMI or PUBG
Location 1

Location-2: The second is present just on the opposite side. Climb the stairs and you’ll find the mechanism blinking light. Click on open to activate it

Location of Tesla And How to Make Your Own Tesla Car in BGMI or PUBG
Location 2

Location-3: The third mechanism is located inside one of the rooms/bunker of the factory. Enter the second room at the left after entering from the main gate. There you’ll find the mechanism on the wall.

Location of Tesla And How to Make Your Own Tesla Car in BGMI or PUBG
Location 3

Once you open all the mechanisms, the production of Tesla will start and within 2 minutes a brand new Tesla will be ready. You can follow the production line and see a Tesla Model Y being built. After completing you can drive your own Tesla in BGMI. The Tesla Model Y also has a feature of autopilot. You can turn it on once you reach the road/highway. This will make the car move you to the location you marked on the map.

Tesla Model Y in BGMI

NOTE: You can only activate the Autopilot mode in the Road/Highway, it won’t work in the field.

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