Lineage OS 19 (Android 12): Updates, Launch, and Changelog

Custom ROM has become a well-known word in the current Android aftermarket development landscape. It’s a third-party operating system that replaces the original OS and improves your UI while also adding a variety of new features. Among the various Custom ROMs available, Lineage OS is the most popular and widely used skin optimizer. If you are willing to have a glimpse of what Lineage OS 19 is about, then you are in right place. We will share the expected launch timeline, features, and changelog of Lineage OS 19 based on Android 12.

First of all, here are some of the characteristics of the Lineage OS 19:

  • Increased phone lifespan.
  • Security and stability.
  • A wonderful approach to de-google the smartphone (get rid of all of Google’s applications and other restrictions)
  • External feature bundles

Lineage OS is based entirely on the Google-released Android AOSP (Application Open-Source Project) source code. Currently, Lineage OS 18.1 (based on Android 11) is the most recent ROM available under the Lineage name. However, Lineage OS 19 is expected to replace it sooner.

What is Lineage OS 19?

After Lineage OS 18.1 (based on Android 11), Lineage OS 19.0, will be the next successor to the lineage family. This latest custom ROM is most likely based on the Android 12 AOSP.

Lineage OS 19 | Source: Lineage

Features of Lineage OS 19

As previously said, it is expected to be based on the Android 12 AOSP source code, and so will include all of the interesting customizations that Android 12 has to offer, as well as its own unique features based on ROM developer tweaks. Users will also be able to alter the ROM using a variety of free open-source modules available on the internet.

It is supposed to deliver significant improvements over Lineage OS 18. Not only will there be greater privacy, security, and system enhancements, but there will also be a more customizable range of widgets. Furthermore, because Android 12 offers some extremely amazing customization tools in comparison to Android 11, Lineage 19 will undoubtedly present its customers with a significant UI upgrade. As a result, it will undoubtedly be a very appealing combo for Custom ROM fans. Once the official Lineage OS 19 is released, further information about the features will become available.

Launch date of Lineage OS 19

Prior to the introduction of the stable version of Android 12, the Android 12 Beta GSI was the only firmware available for Firmware developers to work with on Lineage OS 19. However, since the stable Android 12 with AOSP source code has already been available, firmware developers are actively working on Lineage OS 19.

Based on the previous releases of Lineage OS 18.1 and Lineage OS 17.1, which were launched in April 2021 and 2020, respectively, it is expected to be released in April 2022. However, the developers’ public declarations may put an end to the lingering misunderstandings. However, after the official release is made, it will only be supported by a small number of devices, and it will be necessary to wait for more devices to support it. You can also have a track of daily updating logs from the Official Website.

Lineage OS 19 | Source: Lineage

Lineage OS 19 Changelog

  • Since firmware developers began working on Lineage OS 19, several feature updates and bug fixes have been updated on a regular basis on the official website in order to make the user and UI experience as seamless as possible. The following are some of the Lineage OS 19 changelogs we can expect:
  • System UI: SidefpsController, AuthController, Implement hide gestural navigation hint bar. Add navbar layout inversion tuning, Add left and right virtual buttons while typing, etc.
  • Settings: Add support for allowing/disallowing apps on cellular, VPN, and Wi-Fi networks. Add support for allowing/disallowing apps on restricted networks. Remote Preference for device-specific doze settings, Hide unsupported USB modes automatically, etc.
  • Debugging: Add Lineage version to tombstones, fix crash with enabled visualizer but missing permission.
  • Set-up wizard: Remove restore page on TV, use HTTPS for privacy policy link. Show the link to the privacy policy, remove privacy policy link on large-no touch, etc.

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