Lineage OS 18.1 adds Support For Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Mi 10T/10i, Moto G100

Lineage OS has been a great name when it comes to customized ROM. Lineage OS 18.1 was released in April last year. It has been about a year now and lineage developers are also working on lineage OS 19. But they are also simultaneously launching lineage OS 18.1 support for more and more devices. It was last released for devices like the OnePlus 9 and Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G etc. They have now released support for Xiaomi Mi 10T/ Mi 10i 5G, Motorola Moto G100, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite, and Redmi Note 9 Pro 5G. Let’s discuss how can you download these official builds of lineage OS 18.1 and when will lineage OS 19 be released?

How to install Lineage OS 18.1?

The official builds of lineage OS 18.1 (which is based on Android 11) have been released for the above-said devices. You can install the customized ROM for any device using the links provided below. It also lists the name of maintainers of the corresponding device support version.

DeviceDownload linkMaintainers
Xiaomi Mi 10T/ Mi 10i/ Redmi Note 9 Pro 5GgauginLynnrin
Motorola Moto G100niodianlujitao
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Litegts4xlHaggertk Linux4

You can easily install the ROM for corresponding devices by clicking on the links above. It also provides the details of flashing instructions and ROM Zip is available for download.

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Lineage OS

There are some prerequisites to install this ROM, which are common to all lineage OS installations:

  • You require an unlocked bootloader.
  • Custom recovery like TWRP should be installed on your device.
  • Lineage OS do not come with inbuilt Google applications. So, you will require to flash them independently.
  • Take a full backup of your device before installing the ROM.

When will Lineage OS 19 release?

As you know Lineage OS team has already declared that they have abandoned support for lineage OS 17.1. They have taken this decision due to the lack of space on their build servers. Their primary focus is currently building lineage OS 19.0. It is supposed to be released in April this year as per the trend of April releases of previous versions. But until it launches, just install lineage OS 18.1 and enjoy your customized smartphone.

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