Where to Find Solar Panel Locations in Forza Horizon 5

As the game progresses, you will be presented with additional challenges and objectives to perform. These tasks include discovering objects, destructible buildings on the map, or collectibles. They are, however, not always displayed on the map. The Forza Horizon 5 solar panels are one of those destructible constructions that appear in the recent collectible challenge, Lights Out. To accomplish the mission and get points, you’ll need to know where the FH5 solar panel locations are in Mexico, so you don’t waste time traveling around idly.

Well, we have spent our time traveling across Mexico to find the best area to farm and smash solar panels in Forza Horizon 5, so you may potentially complete the challenge in the least amount of time.

Find Solar Panel Locations in FH5

You can find the best FH5 solar panel locations in southern Mexico, just west of Cordillera. And, you’ll discover roughly thirty sets of Solar Panels in the small area off the side of the road to drive through and smash.

Find Solar Panel Locations in FH5
Solar Panel Locations in FH5

Well, you can find the Lights Out challenge to smash solar panels in Series 3’s Summer season. Moreover, you only need 25; thus you should only need to visit this place once.

You must have found and destroyed 25 solar panels in order to complete the Lights Out collectibles challenge and get 25,000 credits & 3 season points as rewards in FH5.

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Forza Horizon 5 is the 5th Installment in the series of Forza Horizon. Forza Horizon 5 is a car racing video game developed by Playground Games and published by Xbox Game Studios. FH5 will be released on November 9 2021 for Xbox Series One, Xbox X|S, and PC. 

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