Location to Complete the Legendary Quest ‘Conversation with NPC’ in Fortnite

Fortnite new Season has very much kept the players in awe. In Season 7, there is a lot of new content added by Epic games like new NPCs, new weapons, and new vehicles. Chapter 2, Season 7, has a new legendary quest ‘Conversation with NPC’ in Fortnite. In which players need to converse to 5 NPCs Sunny, Bushranger, Dreamflower, Abstrakt, and Riot. These 5 NPC has a specific location. In this guide, we will tell you the location of these 5 NPC so you can easily complete the Season 7 legendary quest.

How to Complete Legendary Quest ‘Conversation with NPC’ in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

You only need to talk to 3 NPC out of 5 to complete this legendary quest. So it’s your choice to visit whichever NPC you want. You can find three NPC west to the Aftermath. and the other two on the east side of the map. We suggest you take multiple matches to complete this legendary quest. Here is the location of 5 NPC in the game:-

  1. Sunny – On the boardwalk at Believer Beach
  2. Bushranger – In the fields north of the Aftermath
  3. Dreamflower – In a house near Flopper Pond
  4. Abstrakt – Near the northern edge of Retail Row
  5. Riot – Near the Yellow Steel Bridge west of Misty Meadows

For a more precise view of where to find 5 NPC see the image below. 

Location to Complete the Legendary Quest ‘Conversation with NPC’ in Fortnite
Fortnite Location of Every NPC

You just need to go to the NPC and click on interact with them. Once you interact with 3 out of 5 NPC, your legendary quest is completed, and you will earn 45k XP, which will help you move forward in your battle pass of season 7.

Note:- You have only one week to complete this legendary quest 

However, you first need to defeat Riot NPC. Only then can you converse with him. Collect some powerful weapons to fight with Riot NPC. Also, collect a lot of ammo because you also have to fight a ton of enemies.

Don’t take this quest lightly because a lot of players will be doing this quest. Be on your guard and collect some weapons to fight with enemies. Explore the near place to check the best time to interact. Once you start to converse, your guard is down. It is the best opportunity for your enemy to kill you.

Do let us know how many attempts you took to complete this legendary quest. What’s your opinion on the new NPC.

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