COD Mobile: New Upcoming Legendary Character Skin

Call of Duty : Mobile introduced the first Legendary Character Skin in November 2020, called the Dark Side Skin for Nikto. The legendary character skin in COD have additional benefits and unique animations that enable players who use them to stand out from the crowd. Also, they are very hard to get from the lucky draw system.

Recently the official Twitter account of Call of Duty: Mobile shared a post of an upcoming new legendary character skin in COD. So, Call of Duty: Mobile Tweet says,

“Chained… and enraged. A legend imprisoned.. Coming Soon to #CODMobile.” 

– Call of Duty: Mobile

In that image by COD: Mobile, it shows a chained man kneeling in a dark tunnel-like location. That is a popular character of Call of Duty: Mobile called Mace.

Mace was the first release in COD: Morden Warfare in the 2019 edition. In the Twitter image, he is wearing a skull-shaped mask, and its legendary skin features armor with red glowing lines across his armor, and the furry shoulder looks like a cap and plenty of chains around his body. 

There are several leaks in the past week, and there are no chains on the leaked legendary character skin in COD. So, it just a part of the story element for mace and the legendary character skin. 

However, the new Mace Legendary character skin is not available yet but may release soon in upcoming updates. Meanwhile, featuring of a new map, perk, scorestreak, and operator skill (expected). Also, according to the rumors, updates could arrive in the second week of May. 

About Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty : Mobile is an online multiplayer video game developed by TiMi Studios and published by Activision for Android and iOS in 2019. Released on 1 November 2019 and within a year, the game had one of the biggest smartphone game releases in history, producing over US$480 million and 270 million downloads.

Players can play ranked or non-ranked matches in both Multiplayer and Battle Royal mode. Up to 100 players compete in a battle royal game to see who will be the last person standing. 

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