List of Every Cheats Code there in Satisfactory | Complete Guide

The game Satisfactory puts you in an alien world where you can build mines for resources, build structures and factories, and much more. Thanks to Satisfactory’s Cheats Codes or Console commands, fine tweaking your gameplay is possible too, and we are going to be listing those cheats in this article.

I. How to Use Satisfactory Cheats Codes?

To use the cheats you either have to use the console in-game (just like there is one in Counter-Strike) or install a third-party trainer. Also, using the console is a much safer option to alter your gameplay as a trainer can be a bit fussy.

However, to enable the Console you will have to press Ctrl + shift + L, the game will not give any prompt when you do this though. Then, press the tilde (~) key to open the console window, and press it once again to open the console in a larger window. 

Finally, you can enter the codes and have fun. The one you would want to enter first is ‘?’  which shows all the commands with a summary in the console window. 

Additionally, the commands in that list in the console are color-coded:

  • Green commands: You can use these as a public user.
  • Purple commands: You can only use these as an administrator in a multiplayer game.
  • Grey commands: Only readable commands.

II. List of Satisfactory Cheats Codes:

Source: Steam
  1. ? – This displays the whole list of console commands.
  2. Gamma [number] – You can change the gamma (brightness) level of the game with this.
  3. materialFlowAnalysis recipeName[FString] – This can help you locate the items required for all craftable items.
  4. Pause – You can pause the game with this command.
  5. r.Atmosphere [either 0 or 1] – This activates or deactivates the atmosphere.
  6. r.Fog [either 0 or 1] – This activates or deactivates the fog.
  7. r.ViewDistanceScale – You can vary the render distance of entities such as foliage, rocks, and trees.
  8. r.ScreenPercentage [percent] – You can set the internal resolution scale with this.
  9. r.TemporalAACurrentFrameWeight [number between 0-1] – Sets the impact of the current internal frame on the final image.
  10. r.TemporalAAFilterSize – This sets the spread of the TAA (Temporal Anti Aliasing) samples. Values below 1 increase the sharpness of the image. This works when r.TemporalAASamples have a value greater than 6.
  11. r.TemporalAASamples [number] – This sets the number of samples to use for TAA. (Default 8)
  12. r.Tonemapper.Sharpen [number] – This sets the amount of a simple sharpen filter. (Default 0)
  13. Stat Unit — You can use this to view information about various graphic statistics for example frametime etc.
  14. Suicide — This kills the player
  15. Stat FPS — This command shows an FPS counter
  16. Stat Levels — This command display level streaming info.
  17. t.MaxFPS [value] — You can set the maximum framerate, to reduce stuttering issues if they exist (Set the value to 0 for unlimited) (Default is 0)
  18. FOV [value] — Sets Field of View. (Values higher than 150 are not safe)
  19. ShowDebug [DebugType] — You can use this code with any Debug Type to display the player’s name, coordinates in the word, and more information like that based on what DebugType code you use.

III. List of Satisfactory Debug Type Cheats/Codes:

Source: Steam
  1. AI – This shows information regarding enemies and/or automated vehicles near the player.
  2. AKAUDIOSOURCES – This shows the number of active audio sources + other information.
  3. ANIMATION –  This shows information regarding what frame of an animation is being played, the name of the animation, etc.
  4. BONES – This shows the information on bone connections and orientation.
  5. CAMERA – This shows more information about the camera position.
  6. CIRCUITS – This shows information regarding any power networks (circuits) in the world including; the number of circuits, ID(s), and information about the circuits.
  7. COLLISION– This shows information about collisions.
  8. FACTORY – This shows the information about the player’s built structures.
  9. FACTORYCONNNECTIONS – It is used to show more information about the built structures.
  10. FORCEFEEDBACK – This shows information about current force feedback values.
  11. INPUT –  This shows information about which input method is currently being used (such as keyboard/mouse etc).
  12. NET – This shows the multiplayer connection information.
  13. NONE – This only shows the default information and hides all others.
  14. PHYSICS – This shows physics-related information (Current player velocity components, total player speed, acceleration experienced by the player, etc).
  15. POWER – This displays information about the power.
  16. RADIATION – This shows information about the radioactivity subsystem (Number of radiation sources, emitters, etc)
  17. RADIATIONSPHERES – This shows spheres where radiation would begin to affect the player. Execute again to show default information.
  18. Reset – This hides all debug information, including default information.
  19. SIGNIFICANCEMANAGER – This shows the information on the significance of sounds currently being played and relative volumes.
  20. TRACKS – This shows the information on the railroad subsystem.
  21. TRAINCOUPLERS – This shows the information on the connections between train cars.
  22. TRAINS – This shows the information on the railroad subsystem.
  23. VEHICLE This shows information about your current vehicle such as speed, throttle, brakes, angle, etc. 
  24. WEAPON – This shows the information on current weapons/tools.

IV. Conclusion:

So, this wraps this guide/list article. Indeed, the console system is very useful to alter some of the settings that you cannot access in the game settings and can change the experience. Lastly, we hope that this article helped you learn a bit about the Cheats system in the Satisfactory game.

V. About Satisfactory:

Satisfactory is a new game from Coffee Stain Studios, the creators of Goat Simulator and the Sanctum series. You are dropped on an alien planet with a few tools to harvest the planet’s natural resources in order to build complex factories that will automate all of your resource needs. The main goal of the game is to build buildings and connect them with Conveyor Belts so that your factory can handle the entire process of item construction for you, including mining, transport, delivery, and power generation.

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