Horizon Forbidden West: Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited

Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited is a Salvage Contract located in Barren Light and provided by Keruf in Horizon Forbidden West. You’ll probably find it during The Embassy, but you won’t be able to finish it until you’ve entered the Forbidden West. We’ll go over all you need to know about Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited as part of our Horizon Forbidden West tour.

1. Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited: Walkthrough

After finishing The Embassy and entering the Forbidden West, chat with Larend to obtain your first set of Salvage Contracts. Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited, unlike the other tasks in Horizon Forbidden West, is broken into a series of Salvage Contracts, each offered by a different merchant. We’ve provided a list of All Contracts below.

The following are the key quest givers who contribute to Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited:

  • Larend
  • Handa
  • Runda
  • Danur

Each Salvage Contract is similar to a fetch quest in that you must travel to a certain place to loot stuff from a specific machine or retrieve a lost item. The whole Salvage Contracts will be added as a Datapoint to your Focus. Also, it’s recommended to go through each one before leaving on your mission to discover a bit more about what’s necessary.

Return to Keruf in the Barren Light Salvage Camp, where Larend is stationed, once you’ve completed all 17 Salvage Contracts issued by all four Salvage Contractors. After a brief cutscene, you’ll be rewarded with the Oseram Artificer.

I. Objective Log

  • Talk to Keruf
  • Go to Keruf’s Salvage Camp
  • Fulfil Larend’s Contracts
  • Fulfil Handa’s Contracts
  • Fulfil Runda’s Contracts
  • Fulfil Danur’s Contracts
  • Find Other Salvage Camps
  • Talk to Keruf

II. Where to Find Larend Salvage Camp

Find Larend Salvage Camp
Larend Salvage Camp

Larend is one of the first individuals you’ll meet after finishing The Embassy in the Forbidden West. His camp is situated west of Barren Light, but before seeing Larend and accepting his Salvage Contracts, you’ll need to talk with Keruf first.

Larend’s contracts include:

  • Convoy Ambush
  • Alarm Antennas
  • Scavengers
  • Elusive Fanghorn

III. Where to Find Handa Salvage Camp

Where to Find Handa Salvage Camp
Handa Salvage Camp

Handa will most likely be the second or third Salvage Contractor you come across in the Greenswell region, northeast of Scalding Spear. After finishing Handa’s last Salvage Contract, most likely Speedy Lancehorns, her camp will be assaulted by Spikesnouts and Scroungers, so be ready.

Handa’s contracts include:

  • Ancient Relics
  • Property Retrieval
  • Plowhorns and Plants
  • Ravager Cannon
  • Speedy Lancehorns

IV. Where to Find Runda Salvage Camp

Where to Find Runda Salvage Camp
Runda Salvage Camp

Runda’s camp is located not far from Hidden Ember, to the northeast of Relic Ruins: The Stillsands.

Runda’s contracts include:

  • Lost Supplies
  • Pristine Bellowback
  • Missing Gear
  • Rollerback Salvage

V. Where to Find Danur Salvage Camp

Where to Find Danur Salvage Camp
Danur Salvage Camp

You can find Danur south of Fall’s Edge in the rainforest area known as The Raintrace. When you first approach him, make sure you come prepared because he will be fighting three Stalkers.

Danur’s contracts include:

  • Mine Launchers
  • Colleague and Key
  • Underwater Salvage
  • Reinforced Components

2. Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited: All Contracts

There are 17 Salvage Contracts that comprise Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited. They are as follows:

ContractDescriptionIssued ByRecommended LevelRewards
Convoy AmbushLarend requires plating from a Shell-Walker Crate to craft his armor. Ambushing a nearby convoy should provide his team with what they need.Larend82,000 XP1 Coil40 Metal Shards
Alarm AntennasLarend needs Alarm Antennas to complete his armor. Shooting them off before the machines can call in reinforcements will require true skill.Larend82,000 XP1 Coil40 Metal Shards
ScavengersLarend thinks Scrapper Jaws will be a worthy addition to the armor he’s crafting. His team has tracked a pack but can’t seem to lure them in.Larend82,000 XP1 Apex Widemaw Heart40 Metal Shards
Elusive FanghornLarend’s got his eye on a Fanghorn whose speed has made it tricky to capture. Its salvage could give his armor an edge in Keruf’s competition.Larend102,500 XP2 Skill Points1 Impact Spike Thrower60 Metal Shards
Ancient RelicsTo make her armor a true masterpiece, Handa will need ancient machine parts found in the silent graveyards of the Old World.Handa102,500 XP2 Ancient Sculptures50 Metal Shards
Property RetrievalRogue salvagers have stolen treasure maps that Handa needs to complete her armor. Someone needs to find these scoundrels before they get away with the goods.Handa153,750 XP1 Apex Rollerback Heart50 Metal Shards
Plowhorns and PlantsHanda has found a herd of sturdy Plowhorns, salvage from which will help complete her armor.Handa153,750 XP1 Coil50 Metal Shards
Ravager CannonAcquiring a Ravager Cannon will help Handa make an armor that’s both strong and fierce. It’ll take a skilled hunter to shoot one off intact.Handa205,000 XP1 Coil50 Metal Shards
Speedy LancehornsHanda has targeted an elusive herd of Lancehorns. She needs their salvage to finish her armor.Handa205,000 XP2 Skill Points1 Puncturing Boltblaster100 Metal Shards
Lost SuppliesRunda knows her crew’s rations are buried somewhere out in the desert, but only a Bristleback’s nose has any hope of finding them.Runda153,750 XP1 Apex Bellowback Heart75 Metal Shards
Pristine BellowbackRunda’s people are too exposed out in the desert. A Bellowback’s Cargo Sacs should help them setup a defensive perimeter.Runda184,500 XP1 Coil75 Metal Shards
Missing GearRunda’s crew needs to set up camp to recover from their latest misadventures, but they can’t do it without their gear.Runda205,000 XP1 Shell-Walker Lightning Gun75 Metal Shards
Rollerback SalvageWith her crew on the mend, Runda hopes to recover the Rollerback salvage she needs to complete her armor.Runda266,500 XP2 Skill Points1 Sunshot Hunter Bow100 Metal Shards
Mine LaunchersA group of Oseram salvagers are in desperate need of Mine Launchers. Without them, they’ll be overrun by dangerous machines.Danur307,500 XP1 Stormbird Storm Cannon300 Metal Shards
Colleague and KeyDanur needs to open Warend’s locked trunk. Unfortunately, the key went missing after Warend lured a Thunderjaw away from the camp.Danur307,500 XP1 Coil300 Metal Shards
Underwater SalvageDanur can’t complete his armor without Warend’s sunken salvage.Danur256,250 XP1 Skill Points1 Apex Thunderjaw Heart350 Metal Shards
Reinforced ComponentsDanur requires Bethemoth parts reinforced by Spikesnouts to make his armor.Danur307,500 XP1 Skill Points1 Vindicator Spike Thrower350 Metal Shards

3. Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited: Outfits Obtained

Keruf's Salvage Unlimited: Outfits Obtained
Oseram Artificer
  • Oseram Artificer: From scrap to supremacy, thanks to Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited.

4. Keruf’s Salvage Unlimited: Rewards

  • 5,000 XP
  • 1 Oseram Artificer

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