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Last year, Apple updated iOS 15 for several iPhone models. Apple is making it more and more difficult to jailbreak your iPhone with each new release of iOS. Apple has recently issued several point updates, which include new security patches and fixes. While iOS 16 is rapidly approaching it is not impossible to jailbreak iOS 16. The following guide will discover how to jailbreak iOS 16 quickly and a few iOS 16 Jailbreak Tools.

1. Zeon Jailbreak repo extractor

Zeon has consistently outperformed all other jailbreak methods in demand. With the most recent iOS 16, the Zeon Jailbreak repo extractor is now compatible with all device models.

Download the Zeon app store through its official website. You may download the Zeon Jailbreak repo extractor and the Zeon iPhone Tweaks by installing this app store. The Zeon shop also offers a considerable number of apps. Additionally, you may download the iOS 16 Zeon non-jailbreak tweak collection, which includes theme shops, online Oses, games, simulators, and more.

2. Unc0ver

Popular semi-untethered jailbreaking software for iOS 11 to 14.8 is called Unc0ver. The ability to effectively jailbreak iOS has now become accessible as virtual Unc0ver software. The Cydia app will imitate the original Unc0ver utility once you have jailbroken it. However, the version only has a few limited features and is web-based.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 in iPhone
UncOver to Jailbreak iOS

3. Checkra1n (Virtual): iOS 16 Jailbreak tool

Checkra1n is a superb jailbreak tool to download for no cost to any iDevice, including the most recent iPhone 14 models as well as the most recent iPad models. Your device must be running at least iOS 12 as the minimum iOS version to utilize this iOS jailbreak application.

Because Checkra1n is utilizing the Checkm8 exploit, this iOS jailbreak tool is more reliable than competing products. Because the Checkra1n is a semi-tethered jailbreak tool, hence, you may require a computer to process it.

4.  Virtual Jailbreak with iOS 16++

Installing iOS 16++ web os, which functions in addition to iOS 16, is possible. Additionally, this iOS 16 ++ can virtually get jailbroken in order to install web-based Cydia. However, you are unable to install all Cydia features with this fictitious jailbreak.

It set up iOS 16++, a mirror version of the regular iOS 16. Only this web-based OS is perhaps jailbroken. iOS 16++ is available for free download from zJailbreak. It is simple to use and simple to install. This tool is excellent for generating ideas for actual jailbreaks.

5. Flekstore

Despite jailbreaking your iOS 16 iPhone, you may install several Cydia tweaks and unofficial iOS apps using FlekStore, a third-party app installer. Free applications, web apps, and the greatest shortcuts are available from FlekSt0re. If you want to utilize applications that are more reliable without the risk of revocation, you can buy premium access.

It’s a great substitute app store for iOS 16. There is a tonne of tweaking apps, theme apps, and other options that you may install.

Flekstore to Jailbreak iOS 16 | Source: Flekstore


Although jailbreaking is getting tough with time but the possibility does exist. Above are the few tools that you can use to jailbreak your iOS devices easily. Fill out the comment section with more ideas on how to jailbreak iOS easily.

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