Is Fortnite Adding Hot Mics in Chapter 3? When to Expect the Feature in Fortnite?

Thanks to the overwhelming response the game receives, Epic is constantly adding to the list of features in Fortnite. With regular event updates, some well-wanted features also make their way into Fortnite. Recently, Hot Mics is something Fortnite players are looking forward to. Is Fortnite Adding Hot Mics in Chapter 3? Let’s find out!

What is Having a Hot Mic in a Video Game?

Having Hot Mics is Common in Games like COD | Source: Activision

Hot Mic in a video game is not a new concept. If you have already played the Call of Duty (COD) franchise by Activision (now acquired by Microsoft), you must be very well aware of it. A person is considered to have a hot mic in a game if his mic is heard constantly on.

Moreover, it is also used as a call-out, indicating players to check out their microphone settings. This usually occurs, when a player turns his in-game microphone settings to automatic either knowingly or by mistake.

Did Fortnite Add Hot Mics in Chapter 3?

The inclusion of Hot Mics in Fornite is something talked about a lot in the community recently. Players are speculating that Fortnite is soon going to add Hot Mics in Fortnite. However, the intent of the players behind the question is concerning.

No, Fornite hasn’t added Hot Mics yet. Many players do not wish to have hot mics in the game. Having hot mics in the game is considered to be very disturbing or at the very least very irritating for many players. As people with hot mics would often be found to be constantly yelling through their Microphones.

After all, who would want to hear constant noise from their teammate’s voice? I’m sure that’s not a pleasant experience. Many users on Reddit, when asked about the inclusion of Hot Mic in Fortnite, were quoted saying “I’m not interested tbh, posting squad fills is enough screaming children for me lol if it was a setting I could have off or on it would most likely never be on”.

When Can the Hot Mics Come in Fortnite?

Considering the response Epic is getting from the community, surely Hot Mics is not coming in Fortnite anytime soon. Moreover, There’s no official announcement by Epic Games on “Is Fortnite Adding Hot Mics in Chapter 3?”

However, if it would ever about to come in Fortnite, we would sure be keeping you posted on that. Do let us know what do you think? Whether or not, Hot Mics should be added in Fortnite? Until then Happy Gaming!

About Fortnite

Fortnite is an online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is free to play.  Up to 100 players compete in a battle royale game to see who will be the last person standing. Available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Android. It is one of the most played battle royale games worldwide.

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