Top 5 New Features in iOS 16 | iOS 16 Stable Version Release Date

A new iPhone-focused update is released every year to launch and help improve the experience on offer, and iOS 16 features for 2022 are no exception. 

On June 6, 2022, Apple formally unveiled iOS 16 at WWDC 2022. For developers, a beta version of Apple’s next mobile OS is now available. All iPhone models, including the new iPhone 13 series, will be compatible with iOS 16 updates. This update ought to be pre-installed on all upcoming iPhone 14 series devices.

iOS 16 Release Date

iOS 16 will be released to the public in September 2022 after the annual iPhone event.

The iOS 16’s initial Developer beta was made available right away, and its first public beta was made available on July 11.  In the following weeks, we’ll see a series of Developer and Public betas that will bring us closer to the eventual public release of iOS 16.

  • iOS 16 is released on June 6, 2022.
  • iOS 16 Developer Beta 1 is made available to registered developers on June 6.
  • iOS 16 Developer Beta 2 is published on June 22.
  • iOS 16 Developer Beta 3 is published on July 6.
  • iOS 16 Public Beta is released on July 11, along with an update to Developer beta 3.

We anticipate a lot of beta versions to be launched between June 6 and September.

What are the Top 5 New Features in iOS 16?

In the following, you will find out about the top 5 iOS 16 features. The iOS 16 released some amazing features including a new notification system and more security.

1. A customizable Lock Screen with Widgets

For the iOS 16 Lock screen, Apple is concentrating on new customization choices. You may now add widgets and alter their layout, font, and colour. Some widgets can start animations that function similarly to the Weather app’s real-time rain or shine display. Apple was influenced by Xiaomi’s Super Wallpapers to create animated wallpapers with a massive zoom on a planet.

Additionally, you can make several presets to easily switch the lock screen’s appearance. In other words, you’ll have plenty of personalization options.

2. New Notification System

Following Apple’s announcement of a new notification system, incoming alerts are now shown underneath the lock screen menu for a less chaotic user experience.

Additionally, iOS 16 will have a new feature called Live Activities that aims to control unwanted real-time notifications from delivery and sports applications. Developers can design attractive visually rich experiences in place of a flood of messages when your order is picked up, out for delivery, or outside, for example.

3. Improved Messages app and Focus mode

Focus Mode will receive an update in iOS 16 to help you organize the tasks that you want to keep your attention on even better. To avoid being sidetracked by other possibly open tabs during the day, Safari, for instance, allows you to display only work-related tabs. However, you may also customise your lock screen to match your preferred focus mode.

For the messages app, three new capabilities, as those present on Telegram are available. You will be able to amend a message after you have sent it as well as remove it, and ultimately, you will be able to flag a conversation as unread.

Top 5 New Features in iOS 16 | iOS 16 stable version release
iOS 16 Maps | Source: Apple

4. New Maps Features

Apple’s navigation app is currently offering service in 11 additional nations. More realistically, Apple Maps now allows you to add up to 15 stops to a route, making it easier to navigate between several locations. By using Siri, you can add more while you’re out and about. Alternatively, you can plan a route on a Mac and send it to your iPhone when you’re ready.

If you frequently take public transportation, Apple Maps now makes it possible to check the costs for your route. You can also add your transit cards to the Apple Wallet app to see if you have enough credit to get you where you’re going.

Top 5 New Features in iOS 16 | iOS 16 stable version release
iOS 16 Security | Source: Apple

5. iOS 16 Safety Check

As part of Apple’s commitment to personal safety, the iOS 16 feature will include Safety Check. This makes it simple for victims of domestic violence to terminate account access, such as by deleting location sharing or app permissions. Safety Check has the ability to reset all privacy permissions as well as protect message access.


The above features of iOS 16 will bring a drastic change in the world of iPhones. Remember that this update is still a part of the Developer Beta Program, therefore, installing it on your device is not advised.

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