How to Jailbreak iOS 15.5[iOS 15 Jailbreak] Easily

Jailbreaking is a new trend on the internet lately to customize your iOS experience. There are multiple versions and ways available online on how you can jailbreak the iOS. When you jailbreak your iPhone, you are liberating it from the restrictions that its maker (Apple) and carrier have placed on it. The iPhone may now carry out operations that it was previously unable to. It can now install unauthorized programs, change settings, and access areas of the phone that were off-limits. Let’s look at how to jailbreak iOS 15.5 easily.

Jailbreak iOS 15.5 with ChekRa1n

Checkra1n (virtual) is a web-based programme that you may download and install straight on your iPhone to jailbreak iOS 15.5. The Checkra1n iOS 15.5 virtual Jailbreak app differs from the Checkra1n semi-tethered Jailbreak app. There is also no requirement for a Mac or the Alt Store, and it is incredibly simple to install as an app. Jailbreaking iOS 15.5 also assists you in virtually installing Cydia.

Steps to follow to Jailbreak iOS 15.5 using ChekRa1n:

  1. Go to the settings of your device
  2. Then go to general settings
  3. Turn on the background app refresh
  4. Secondly, go to your main settings again and find this setting in the battery setting
  5. On the battery, settings make sure that the low power mode is turned off
  6. Lastly, go back to your settings and tap on the app store set
  7. Make sure that automatic downloads are turned on.
  8. Then go on to the browser and visit
  9. Then on the site click on the beta now button to start downloading checkRa1n on your device
  10. Tap on to allow button and validate the passcode
  11. After that, you need to tap on install
  12. You also need to install CDI as it is an unofficial app store that allows you to get themes, tweaks, and mods for your device.

The above steps will assist you in jailbreaking iOS 15.5 easily through Chekra1n.

Jailbreak iOS 15.5 with uncOver

You may virtually jailbreak iOS 15.5 iPhones using the Unc0ver jailbreak (virtual) programme. Since it is not a device approach, the Unc0ver virtual jailbreak app differs from the semi-untethered Unc0ver jailbreak. When installing the Unc0ver virtual software on your iOS 15.5 iPhones, it never requests computer assistance. Cydia may be installed on iOS 15.5 iPhones without jailbreaking them. This is a risk-free web-based alternative.

Steps to Jailbreak iOS 15.5 with uncOver:

  1. Navigate to the settings app on your device and select General settings.
  2. Then, go to Background App refresh and enable it.
  3. In the settings app, navigate to the battery settings.
  4. Go to the app store settings after turning it off.
  5. Set the automatic download feature to on.
  6. Now, open Safari and download UncOver from
  7. Once downloaded, go to Settings Applications and select Downloaded Profile.
  8. Then, tap Install Profile and input your iPhone passcode.
  9. Open UncOver and select the Jailbreak option.
  10. Cydia will be installed by default on your device.

The above steps will assist you in jailbreaking iOS 15.5 easily through UncOVer.

Jailbreak iOS 15.3 in iPhone
uncOver Jailbreak iOS 15.5

iOS 15.5 Jailbreaking through Zeon

The most preferred way to add iOS 15.5 jailbreak functionalities to your iPhone or iPad is to use jailbreak repo extractors. This approach employs repo extracting methods to install iOS 15 jailbreak apps, modifications, and third-party apps on your iPhone. As per their prominence, we have listed repo extractors that you can download using zJailbreak pro.

Notably, Zeon is the most popular jailbreak option for iOS 15.5 among iOS users. Using Zeon repo extractor, you may install jailbreak apps, themes, and customizations for iOS 15.5 by extracting repositories. Installing jailbreak modifications and apps from repositories is a breeze using Zeon. zJailbreak offers it for free.

Steps for installing Zeon

  1. Install Zeon Extractor by going to your Safari browser and downloading Zeon repo extractor from the link zeon-app. xyz.
  2. Navigate to Device settings and select Allow > VPN and device administration Allow for the zeon profile
  3. Then Launch the Zeon app.
  4. Download and install Repo Extractor.
  5. Now launch the Repo Extractor software
  6. Now press the Repos button ( Copy any Repo )
  7. Select Extract Repos > Paste Repo URL.
Jailbreak iOS 15.3 in iPhone
Zeon for Jailbreak iOS

Virtual Jailbreak

There is also the option of a virtual jailbreak for iOS 15 users. This service runs on the internet. This replicated jailbreak experience is offered by several programmes that may be accessed through zJailbreak. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are among the current mobile models that are compatible with these.

Cyrus Hub

On your iPhone or iPad, you may now install applications, modifications, launchers, and jailbreak tools using CyrusHub without first jailbreaking iOS 15 on your device. You may download programmes from the top services, like TweakBox, AppValley, Ignition, and TopStore, for free using this iOS app installer.

There are several methods and levels of compatibility for each jailbreak tool. A thorough backup of your data is a must because jailbreaking is a real concern.

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