iOS 15.1 Beta 3 Fixes some of the Biggest Annoyances on the New iPhone 13 Pro Cameras

Apple has released the upcoming Beta 3 of iOS 15.1 with some added features. The new update arrived a week after Beta 2 that fixed the bug in Unlock with Apple Watch. iOS 15.1 has re-enabled SharePlay. It enables users to add their COVID-19 vaccine certificates to Apple Wallet. In addition, they have added new camera options in iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

iOS 15.1 Beta 3 fixes

iOS 15.1 Beta 3 Fixes some of the Biggest Annoyances
iOS 15.1 | Source: Twitter

The prominent issues lie in the iPhone 13 Pro camera. The Auto Macro feature here automatically shifts to Macro mode when you get closer to a subject. There have been a lot of complaints regarding this. To handle this issue, Apple has added a toggle to disable it in Beta 3 of iOS 15.1. Apart from that, it also attempts to fix the Spotlight search that crases upon using certain letters. They are fixing shortcuts that make it easier to change Wallpaper. And they are trying to adjust the Safari playback button that doesn’t respond at times.

New Features

The latest update in iOS 15.1 comes with some new features. Users will have a Drivers’s Licence and ID feature. The phones will have an improved App Privacy feature. It is speculated that the Find my AirPods feature might drop in iOS 15.1 latest beta. New emojis would be added. Finally, Pro Resolution Video for iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max might drop as it is not feasible for users to capture everyday moments in such high-quality projects.

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Release Date

There is no official release date for iOS 15.1 Beta 3. However, based on the last two Betas that dropped after a week, we might expect the same for Beta 3. Usually, Apple releases 4 or 5 Betas before a full public release. Hence, we can expect a complete iOS 15.1 release before the end of October.

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