Install IPA Apps with Altstore on iPhone [iOS Guide]

Many iPhone users think of Jailbreaking as the only way to install IPA apps on Apple’s device. However, there are other alternatives to installing IPA apps onto an iPhone, and one of them is through Altstore. In the following article, we will discuss how to Install IPA Apps with Altstore on an iPhone. 

How to Download AltStore App on iOS?

Installing AltStore on your iOS device requires using a Mac or PC. A desktop companion app needs to be installed first. You only need to have your device, computer, and authorised connection cable.

Now, you can download Altstore.  Here are the steps to download Altstore:

  • Connect your device to your computer and open your browser.
  •  Windows users should click the AltServer icon in the icon tray at the bottom of the screen, then select your device from the list after hovering the mouse above Install AltStore.
  • Users of Mac computers should open the toolbar, select AltStore > Install AltStore, and then select your device. 
  • Let AltStore install before connecting your device, start the installation of applications, and keep AltServer open on your PC. You may also conduct this via Wi-Fi, but you must have Wi-Fi Sync enabled in iTunes and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network on both your computer and your device.
Install IPA Apps with Altstore on iPhone [iOS Guide]

How to Use AltStore App on iPhone?

Here are the steps you can follow in order to use AltStore App on an iPhone:

1. Visit AltStore on your iOS device.

2. If you receive an Untrusted Developer error, go to Settings>General>Profiles and confirm that the developer is trustworthy.

3. Tap Sign in under Settings > Account > AltStore.

4. Enter your Apple ID and password or the password you used to install AltStore specifically for that app.

5. Select Browser, look for the application or game you want and then select “FREE” to install it.

6. When the app icon appears, it is prepared for use.

Steps to Install IPA Apps with Altstore iOS Guide

Follow the following guide to install any IPA apps or Files using Altstore. 

1. Use the Safari browser on your iOS device to get the IPA file of an app from reliable sources.

2. To prevent errors during the installation process, make sure to use a USB cord to connect your iOS device to a computer. Alternately, you can turn on Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi Sync in iTunes and ensure that your computer and devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Next, run the server as an administrator by launching AltServer on your PC.

4. Then open the iOS device’s AltStore app. 

5. After that, navigate to the My Apps page within the app.

6. Next, select the Add icon located in the My Apps tab’s upper left corner.

7. Now browse through the downloads to find the IPA file for the app you want to install.

8. After that, simply click the file to initiate the installation. You must provide your Apple ID and password if you are using the AltStore for the first time before the installation can start.

9. Finally, on AltStore, under My Apps, you will be able to see the installed App. On your home screen, you can also find it.


To install IPA apps, you are only permitted to run three active apps at once, including AltStore. By selecting the activate button next to an app, you can make it active. The prompt to deactivate an active app will appear if you attempt to activate more than three apps. 

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