Instagram May Soon Allow Users to Create Posts from its Website

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking platforms that Facebook owns. They regularly work on improving their user-based experience. Instagram may be reportedly working on an update to allow users to create and share the posts via their laptop or desktop.

Today, Tipster Alessandro Paluzzi shared an update via a tweet where he said that the photo-sharing company is working on its new update. He also noted that this feature is currently being tested internally, so don’t expect to use this feature anytime soon. In the tweet, he also shared the screenshots of the feature, giving us complete insights into how this feature will work. However, it could vary once it is finally launched.

Instagram users will add their photo or video by dragging and browsing directly from their PCs and then select size and orientation(portrait or landscape). Also, users will be able to add filters, locations, captions, and everything, just like their Instagram mobile application. The desktop or laptop browser version will work exactly similar to your mobile application.

How to add Pronouns to your Instagram Profile

As I mentioned earlier, Instagram frequently updates or add new features to enhance its user’s experience. The facebook-owned company recently added an update to its platform that allows users to add their gender pronouns to their profile.

According to the tweet, now user can add up to 4 pronouns & choose to make your pronouns visible only to your followers.

You can also edit and remove your pronouns at any time. However, if you are under 18, then this feature will be hidden for you. The pronoun feature is currently available in few countries with a plan of more.

Steps to add Pronoun to your Profile:

Step-1: Open your Instagram mobile application.

Step-2: Click the Profile icon in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Step-3:  Click on the Edit Profile option.

Step-4: Now, click on the Pronoun option and add up to 4 pronouns you want to add to your profile.

Step-5: After clicking on done, choose to show only to your followers or not.

Step-6: Now click done, and your profile is complete.

This was all about how Instagram may soon allow users to create posts from its website. Stay tuned for more updates.

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