Indiana Jones Fortnite: How to Find & Open Secret Door

The new Indiana Jones Challenges in Fortnite are driving us crazy and now, it’s time to find the Indiana Jones Secret Door. This phase of the game is full of anxiety and strategic moves which will help you open the door and achieve rewards.

We will tell you how to find and open the Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite.

Fortnite: What is the Indiana Jones Secret Door?

Indiana Jones has entered Fortnite in this season’s Battle Pass. The new update has brought brand new quests and challenges and offers players some exclusive rewards and cosmetics.

How to Find & Open Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite
Indiana Jones

In this new challenge, you will hunt all over the island for artifacts and relics which will lead you to a secret door hidden behind the main chamber at Shuffled Shrines. This is where you will find the Indiana Jones Secret Door through a little searching.

Where to find the Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite?

To find the secret door you must reach the Shuffled Shrines, one of the few temples found across the island. From here, you will see a temple left to the Joneses. Unlock the door to the main chamber which is on the ground floor, with a face carved in one of the central structures.

How to find the Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite?
Shuffled Shrines

You have to solve a puzzle to unlock the Indiana Jones Secret Door and we will help you with it. The door to the chamber is unlocked by rotating totems to show the correct symbol. These will be different in each combination. So you do not know which ones you will need.

How to open the Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite?

Begin by heading to some different areas around the Point of Interest and look for broken totems. These will probably reveal the correct symbols. They will always be in the same spot and will always correspond to the same symbol position to open the door.

How to Find & Open Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite
Open the Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite

For the first symbol move towards overhang and you will see three slurp barrels to the right. The first symbol is underneath that. The second symbol is inside a tunnel. Next, climb the stairs past the reboot van in the middle of the landmark. Here, you will see a red tent with the third symbol. Behind this tent, there is a wooden area. There, under the wooden bridge, you will see the fourth symbol. Remember the order.

Now head to the door and insert the symbols in the correct order (the one you found them in). You must stay alert and once you are inside watch out for arrow traps. Remember not to step on the brown tiles.

How to Find & Open Indiana Jones Secret Door in Fortnite
Complete the Quest

In the end, grab the golden Tomato Head idol to finish the quest.


This challenge in Fortnite is one of my favorites because I adore Indiana Jones. It not only excites but also promises to keep you on the edge and is full of mysterious vibes. This is the perfect update that was required and it will be interesting to see future such updates in the game.

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