Important Chrome Extensions for Web-Development

Extensions enhance the user’s experience by assisting the user without adding any unnecessary overhead. If you’re just getting started with web development and want to learn some simple hacks to support you along the way, you’ve come to the right spot. As a web developer, you may come across many minor problems like selecting a particular colour, right font family, and finding the errors related to alignment, padding, etc. So, have a look at some exciting Chrome extensions that you can use to create your next project with ease.

1. Pesticide

In simple words, Pesticide adds a grid overlay over all the elements. This extension adds the Pesticide CSS to the current tab, which highlights each feature for easier viewing. You can use it according to your needs; I use it to check the alignments, but you can find errors using this. In addition, you can also vary the CSS values while using this extension as it stays in the overlay mode when you use it.


2. Light House

Lighthouse is an open-source, automated platform for optimizing web app efficiency, quality, and correctness. Lighthouse is a report generator chrome extension that performs a series of checks on the page reporting how well it performs. It gives you the scores of performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO of your site. You can use it on any web page you want to analyze the site. I’ve been using this extension for my website and can attest to the fact that it produces reliable data.

Light House

3. ColorZilla

Selecting the right colour for your website will not be difficult anymore with ColorZilla. ColorZilla for Chrome helps web developers and graphic designers with both simple and advanced colour-related activities. ColorZilla comes with a Color Picker, an Eye Dropper, a Gradient Generator, and plenty of other specialized colour equipment. The best feature of ColorZilla is the ultimate gradient Generator.


4. Font Finder

Often you’ll come across a website and see an appealing font that you’d like to use on your website. Font Finder will help you do that because this tool enables you to analyze the font information of any element on the page and copy the information to the clipboard. It is created for designers, developers, and typographers. Font Finder also captures information like font colour, background colour, font size, line height, letter and word spacing, text-decoration, and other CSS properties.

Font Finder Review

5. | All-in-one coding news reader is a web developer-focused news aggregator. You’ll be up to date with the latest news from the best tech magazines with It is the easiest way to get updated daily about the latest trends. You will get everything in one place, including CSS-Tricks, Smashing Magazine,, and more than 350 others with this chrome extension.

6. Window Resizer- Screen resizer extension

It’s challenging to create a responsive website, and it’s much more challenging to verify how the content looks on various devices, but not with this extension. Window Resizer is a well-known Chrome browser feature that helps you to emulate a range of screen resolutions. It is particularly beneficial to web designers and developers because it allows them to test their templates on various browser resolutions. This extension enables you to resize the present window to your desired value effortlessly. You can also customize the resolution list (add/delete) with this extension.

Window Resizer

7. CSSPeeper- CSS Code Extension

CSSPeeper is one of the best chrome extensions for developers. You can view the CSS for any page on the web and can access the useful styles with this extension. With CSSPeeper, you can copy the complete style, including margin, padding, and line-height of any element, just by hovering over the element. Also, you can use the CSSPeeper browser extension to export secret assets, search object attributes, and more without having to dig through code pages.


Hopefully, you’ve discovered at least one Chrome extension that will help you. So, now it’s your turn to check out the best Chrome browser extensions to see how they can make your task easier. Please let me know if there is any other extension you’d like me to add by commenting down below.

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