Stray: How To Open The Safe In Midtown

Stray has come out as a phenomenal game with its amazing challenges and this time you have to open a safe in Midtown. You must open it before finding Clementine in the game and we are here to help you with this.

Here is all that you need to know about how to open the safe in Midtown.

Stray: How to Find the Safe in Midtown?

You must find the safe first in order to open it. This safe is located inside a yellow store in Midtown, with an angry customer outside. When you reach the subway, you will see several vehicles with open doors. Use these to cross to the other side of the station and climb the stairs.

How To Open The Safe In Midtown

Keep moving towards the north until you see a robot running away. Then head right where a taller robot is scolding a shorter one near Clementine’s wanted screen. Climb the stairs, circle to the right from the vending machine and you will reach Midtown.

When you reach you will be able to see the yellow store and the customer wearing a white puffy jacket. Jump on the counter, go inside and you will see the safe located on a higher shelf.

Stray: How to Open the Safe in Midtown?

When you walk inside the shop, you can use B-12 to translate two pictures that are on top of each other. It will tell you that the pictures say 2458 :edoC. This message contains the code but backward so, the original text is Code: 8542.

Stray: How to Find the Safe in Midtown

From here, climb the shelves that are next to the pictures to reach the safe. Enter 8542 to open the safe and collect the Cat Badge. You have to collect other badges like the Police Badge and the Neco Badge in the game as well.

Opening the Safe in Midtown: Things to Remember

Before finding Clementine collect all the memories from various locations and help the Companions that are stressed. Also, try to chat with all the robots to learn more about Midtown and the Outside.

The main reason of coming to Midtown was to find Clementine. The cyborg will give you and B-12 a photo of Clementine with its address on its back. But, Zbaltazar won’t be able to go to the Outside as it uploaded its mind into other devices.


This is another exciting part of Stray’s storyline and the game continues to excite its players. The fact that you’re playing as a cat makes it even more interesting. I can only say that you can play the game without any tension and just enjoy it to the fullest.

About Stray

Stray is a 2022 Third-Person Adventurous game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. This game was released in July 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows. You play as a stray cat, who’s separated from its family and is trying to untangle a mystery to escape the cybercity and find its way home. You solve many interesting quests, and Puzzles as the story progresses.

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