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The Genshin Impact V2.0 update breathed new life into the anime-inspired adventure game by introducing the much-anticipated Inazuma area. One interesting new concept is Reputation points, which you can earn by completing certain World Quests and then spend on special rewards such as a compass that locates valuables. Each qualified World Quest grants you 20 Reputation points, and one of the most difficult to locate is “Battle of Revenge” in Genshin Impact.

What is Battle of Revenge in Genshin Impact

In Inazuma, the Battle of Revenge is a World Quest. You can obtain it after completing the commission “An Art to Be Honed” 4 times.

How to unlock the Battle of Revenge quest in Genshin Impact

The Battle of Revenge quest in Genshin Impact might be difficult to accomplish if you don’t know where to find. With Teyvat, the universe of Genshin Impact, continually developing, it’s impossible to keep the pace of all the game’s major developments. To take part in the Battle of Revenge quest, you must have access to this region. However, you must finish the “Archon Quest Chapter II: Act I: The Immovable God and Eternal Euthymia” quest and attain Adventure Rank 30 to unlock it.

The Battle of Revenge Inazuma Quest is unusual because unlocking is completely based on your luck.

The first stage in unlocking the Inazuma World Quest, Battle of Revenge, is to complete a Daily Commission named “An Art to be Honed.” Here, a guard called Asakura in Inazuma City will request that you spar with him. If you defeat Asakura, the commission will be finished.

How to unlock the Battle of Revenge quest in Genshin Impact
Asakura & his location

Now, you have to wait for a few days in real time before returning to the location where you initially met with Asakura to unlock Battle of Revenge.

Unfortunately, “An Art to Be Honed” is a Daily Commission, so when you unlock it, it’s entirely up to your luck. When the server resets, you will get fresh commissions. Now, you can select your commissions to only get ones that take place in Inazuma to boost your chances of being assigned an Art to be Honed. Click the book icon to open your journal. After that, navigate to the Daily Commissions page. In the upper right corner of the menu, you’ll find a region selection option. Set it to Inazuma to receive daily commissions from businesses in Inazuma.

This will unlock the Battle of Revenge quest.

How to complete the Battle of Revenge quest in Genshin Impact

You can complete the Battle of Revenge quest in Genshin Impact in five simple steps:

  1. Speak with Asakura – You can find him at Tenshukaku, which is located within Inazuma City. He’ll be on the palace’s southern side. Speak with him to find out what’s going on. However, as it turns out, a Kairagi took Asakura’s weapon. Now, you must retake it.
  2. Head to the Kairagi Camp – Asakura will lead you to the spot where you must battle a Kairagi.
  3. Defeat Kairagi– You can’t beat Kairagi by employing crowd control skills. To avoid this, you should fight them along the water’s edge or near barriers. After you beat the Kairagi, you will discover that Asakura’s weapon is hidden at the Kairagi’s camp. Go there right now.
  4. Defeat the Kairagi’s underlings– When you arrive, the camp will be teeming with Kairagi underlings. Prepare for a fight. They’re not interested in having a dialogue.
  5. Talk to Asakura – To finish the task, return to Asakura and chat with him.
How to complete the Battle of Revenge quest in Genshin Impact

Although, you will get 20 Reputation, which you may spend to further develop the Inazuma area at the Kamisato Estate.

About Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is an Open World MMORPG launched by miHoYo. The game’s location is set upon the fantasy world of Teyvat, the home of seven distinct nations and ruled by gods connected with it. It is available for Windows, Playstation, Android, and iOS and is planned for release on Nintendo Switch.

The main plot follows a twin, Traveler, who travels worldwide searching for his lost twin sibling and becomes involved in Teyvat’s nations and gods. Meanwhile, move ahead on the way to complete quests and collect the rewards.

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