How To Complete “A Doctor’s Odyssey” Achievement in Genshin Impact

You must have experienced too much adventure in Genshin Impact up till now. Also, the new Inazuma nation comes with the number of NPCs that you will encounter, and they’ll lead you to a variety of distinct world quests. One of the most rewarding world quests is the “Treatment on the Island” quest located in Yashiori Island.

While it is quite easy to complete the quests to get rewards, several secret achievements are available. A Doctor’s Odyssey is one of the secret achievements tied with the world quest “Treatment on the Island” in Genshin Impact. Here we will help you out and complete this quest most quickly.

Complete A Doctor’s Odyssey Achievement in Genshin Impact

A Doctor’s Odyssey achievement is a hidden quest, and you need to wait for a total of 3 days (not in-game time) to complete this achievement to get all the rewards. Moreover, you will get this achievement after completing the initial quest, and you’ll get chests and Primogems.

You need to move towards the Statue of the Seven location east of Higi Village to start the quest. Then, move ahead over to North West, where you will find Yasumoto, the local doctor, near the mountain’s cliff. After interacting with him, he will give you the task to obtain 12 Naku weeds throughout the Inazuma nation.

How To Unlock A Doctor's Odyssey Secret Achievement in Genshin Impact
Interaction with Yasumoto

After finding Naku weeds, you have to hand over them to Yasumoto. Moreover, you must forward the in-game time to the next day’s evening. Also, you must speak with the doctor again, and he’ll give you a contract to assassinate a series of Samurai to complete the world quest.

After assassinating all Samurai, you’ll complete the world quest and get 30 Primogems and 3 Heroes Wit. Now, you’re eligible to start the process of completing the “A Doctors Odyssey” secret achievement.

Let’s start the process, move ahead to the Doctor’s cabin situated nearby, and interact with the bamboo basket in front of the house. After interacting with the basket, you will get the option to submit an additional 12 Naku Weeds. Now, place the Naku weeds inside the basket and return to the house in 24 hrs (not in-game time).

On the other day, when you’ll return to this location, you’ll find an exquisite chest in front of the house. Moreover, you need to repeat this process, i.e., submitting 12 Naku Weeds into the bamboo basket and collecting exquisite chest two more times.

Well, when you’ll return to the Doctor’s house on the third day, you’ll be shocked because there is no chest in front of the house despite having submitted 12 Naku Weeds the day before. Now, you need to travel to find all Pharmacist’s Notebooks in Genshin Impact.

Find All Pharmacist’s Notebooks Location in Genshin Impact

On the third day, when you’ll find that there is no chest in front of the doctor’s house. Then, you need to find all Pharmacist’s Notebooks to unlock “A Doctor’s Odyssey” achievement. So let’s find out these locations to achieve our goal.

1. Pharmacist’s Notebook Location I

How To Unlock A Doctor's Odyssey Secret Achievement in Genshin Impact
Pharmacist’s Notebook I

You need to move ahead towards the beach to the north of the Doctor’s House. Then, you’ll find the Notebook on top of a group of stacked crates.

2. Pharmacist’s Notebook Location II

How To Unlock A Doctor's Odyssey Secret Achievement in Genshin Impact
Pharmacist’s Notebook II

While moving further towards the dirt road east of Fort Fujitou, finding the top of a rock next to it. Surely, you’ll find Pharmacist Notebook 2 on it.

3. Pharmacist’s Notebook Location III

A Doctor's Odyssey Achievement in Genshin Impact
Pharmacist’s Notebook III

Finally, you’re on the way to find Pharmacist Notebook 3. The last notebook is found under the tree and guarded by Samurai at the north of Musoujin Gorge. After executing the Samurai, you’ll get the final Pharmacist Notebook, and now you can easily unlock the “A Doctor’s Odyssey” achievement in Genshin Impact.


Now, you must know the tactics of completing the world quest”Treatment on the Island” and achieving “A Doctor’s Odyssey” in Genshin Impact. However, you need to obtain 12 Naku weeds throughout the Inazuma nation. Also, find all Pharmacist’s Notebooks unlock in Genshin Impact.

How To Unlock A Doctor's Odyssey Secret Achievement in Genshin Impact
Luxurious Chest

After getting all three of the Pharmacist’s notebooks, you need to go south of Jakotsu Mine to obtain your final reward, a luxurious chest.

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