How to turn off your iMac’s Screen Using Keyboard Shortcut?

Despite the widespread perception that Apple Macs are more reliable than Windows PCs, they occasionally experience the same problems. If you don’t want any passersby to see what’s on your Mac’s screen or if you simply want to temporarily turn the display off, for example, to conserve battery. There are many in-built MacOS features you can use to turn off the display on your iMac

It turns out that the macOS operating system makes your life simpler by offering a specific keyboard shortcut to instantly switch off Mac’s display without the need to set up a screen saver or use a specialized third-party program.

How to Turn off your Mac screen Using a keyboard shortcut?

Below are the ways you can use to enable iMac turn off the display using a keyboard shortcut. 

Turn off iMac Screen Using Keyboard

Simply press the Control + Shift + Eject key. You’ll notice a sudden shutdown of your display.

You can also, Press and hold Control + Shift + Power simultaneously if your keyboard has a Power key. Your display will automatically turn off.

How to turn off your Mac’s screen Using Keyboard Shortcut
Turn off Mac Display

How to Configure a Special Keyboard Shortcut to Turn Off the iMac Display?

If your keyboard doesn’t have an Eject key, you can make your own keyboard shortcut to turn off the display but not the Mac itself.

1. Open Automator first.
2. Choose “New Document.”
3: Choose Quick Action.
4. Click Choose.
5. In the top section, under Workflow receives, select no input.
6. If the command library is not visible, click Library.
7. Add the Run Sheet Script action to the workflow by dragging and dropping it.

Tip: For rapid access to the activity, search the library for the shell.

8. To access the shell script, type pmset displaysleepnow.
9. Choose File | Save from the menu.
10. For the new quick action’s name, type whatever you like (for example, “switch off screen”).
11. Press Save.
12. Right-click the menu and choose | System Preferences…
13. Select the Keyboard category.
14. Navigate to the Shortcuts tab.
15. Click on Services.
16. Under General, select the newly created quick action (“turn off screen”).
17. Hit the Add Shortcut option.
18. Enter the key combination you want to use to turn off the display.


This article details all the convenient ways to turn off the screen on your Mac via keyboard shortcut. However, before attempting any of these ways, remember to save any crucial data so that you don’t regret anything later. Additionally, if you have an external storage device connected to your Macbook, eject it before proceeding.

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