How to Tell the Difference Between REAL and FAKE Yoru

Valorant v4.04 update just dropped recently. This update has brought in massive changes to the game. The changes in-game are – all of the controllers in the game were adjusted, and Riot made changes to the Ascent and Icebox maps; players are also receiving the new Episode 4 Act 2 Battle Pass. The most anticipated change was the Yoru Rework. As promised before, Riot made Yoru more viable, and they delivered. Almost all of Yoru’s abilities have changed to some degree; making him better than before. Yoru’s Gatecrash now has two charges and can even fake teleport. It’s called Yoru’s new Fakeout. Yoru now sends out a clone that walks straight and flashes enemies that shoot it. This ability has made Yoru a master of trickery, and Valorant players are constantly shooting the fake Yoru; instead of the real Yoru. How do differentiate real Yoru from fake Yoru? –

How do differentiate real Yoru from fake Yoru?

How do differentiate real Yoru from fake Yoru?
Fake Yoru

Initially, the fake Yoru clones did not appear on the mini-map. Players used this as a trick to identify the fake Yoru clones. But, with the recent update, Riot Games have removed this feature, and now, the fake Yoru clones will appear on the mini-map. But there are still many ways to identify the fake Yoru. The ways are –

There are around 12 ways; they are:

#1: Sova’s Recon Dart

Sova’s Recon Dart does not ping the Yoru clone when scanned. Hence, if you notice a Yoru is walking toward you despite getting scanned by a Recon Dart, it is probably a clone.

#2: Skye’s Ultimate

Skye’s Ultimate
Skye’s Ultimate

Skye’s Ultimate ignores the Yoru clone. When using Skye’s Ultimate, look for the Yoru that does not show up.

#3: Reyna Ultimate

When Reyna uses her ultimate ability, the real Yoru glows a more solid color than the normal-looking clone. Ignore the ‘normal’ Yoru in this case.

#4: All Flashes Do Not Affect the Yoru Clone

All Flashes Do Not Affect the Yoru Clone
Flash in Valo

Flashes such as Reyna’s Leer shows a normal Yoru without a dark sphere covering his head. In this case, it is safe to ignore the Yoru clone.

#5: Stun Abilities Do Not Work

Stun Abilities such as Breach’s Fault Line, Skye’s Trailblazer, and Rolling Thunder do not affect a Yoru Clone.

#6:  Cypher’s Trapwire Can Trip a Yoru Clone

A Yoru Clone can trigger Cypher’s Trapwire. However, the Clone will continue walking forward despite the fact and will not be bound by the Trapwire, unlike regular Agents.

#7: KAY/O Knife

KAY/O Knife
KAY/O Knife

KAY/O’s Knife Suppresses icon (purple inverse triangle on the chest) does not appear on a Yoru Clone.

#8: Yoru Clone walks through players

As it is a clone, it can pass through the players. So, run and stand the Clone’s path. If it passes through you, it is the Yoru clone.

#9: Alarm Bot, Snake Bite, and other debuffs do not show up on the Clone player model

When a Yoru clone triggers an Alarm Bot, a ‘broken armor’ visual will not show up on the enemies’ player model.

#10: Sova Drone and Skye Trailblazer

Sova’s Drone and Skye’s Trailblazer do not clip onto the enemy Yoru’s clone, and these abilities pass through the Clone.

#11: Sova’s Ultimate

Sova’s Ultimate
Sova’s Ultimate

Sova’s Ultimate usually tags and reveals enemy players hit by the beam, except for the Yoru Clone.

#12: Cypher’s Ultimate

Cypher’s Ultimate can only reveal the real Yoru’s whereabouts on the map.

These are all the ways that can help you in differentiating the fake Yoru or the Yoru clone from the real Yoru. I hope these techniques and tricks will be helpful for all of you, who are struggling in identifying the real Yoru.

Happy Gaming.

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