What are the classes in Diablo Immortal & how to change them

Every game has an update; in the same way, every in-game character has a better version with one or the other better stats of damage, movement, defense, or something as such. In Diablo Immortal, this upgraded version of the character is termed as ‘Class’. What is Class in Diablo Immortal? What are the different types of classes in Diablo Immortal? How to change the Classes? Let’s find all of this out –

What is Class in Diablo Immortal?

As said earlier, every character has an in-game upgraded version. This version has any one or more than stat better than the previous version or the un-upgraded version. As you upgrade your character, its level or ‘class’ is said to increase. So, in short, Class is something like a level of a character in Diablo Immortal.

What are the different types of classes in Diablo Immortal?

There are a total of six (6) classes in Diablo Immortal; which are –

  • Barbarian
  • Crusader
  • Demon Hunter
  • Necromancer
  • Monk
  • Wizard

Let’s now see the abilities of each of these classes –

I. Barbarians

Classes in Diablo Immortal: Changing them
Barbarian : Source: Fandom

Powerful Barbarians are wildly survivable and offer great damage too. They are the tank of all the classes; they are great if you love being the one to both start and finish the fight.

II. Crusader

Classes in Diablo Immortal: Changing them
Crusader : Source: Fandom

They are comparable to Barbarians, but their ability to ride a horse is exceptionally powerful. This ability gives them extreme maneuverability. Currently, the best class in the game is Crusader.

III. Demon Hunter

Classes in Diablo Immortal: Changing them
Demon Hunter : Source: Fandom

The Demon Hunters offer enormous DPS which makes them the best damage dealers in-game. If you can stay alive, you will tear apart enemies. But the irony is that survivability is one of their key weaknesses.

IV. Necromancer

Classes in Diablo Immortal: Changing them
Necromancer : Source: Fandom

The Necromancer is one of the funniest in-game classes. They have a great range of options. They are great in solo play but they have poor movement abilities.

V. Monk

Classes in Diablo Immortal: Changing them
Monk : Source: Fandom

They have massive potential, offering the most utility in the classes. But it isn’t that easy to handle this class. Hence, this is only for those who have mastered the game.

VI. Wizard

Classes in Diablo Immortal: Changing them
Wizard : Source: Fandom

They are the trickiest to play and most complicated to handle during solo play.

How to change classes in Diablo Immortal?

The ‘Class Change’ ability is yet to be featured in-game. It is said to be arriving very soon.

Before being able to change classes, they are a few prerequisites that one should match to have this ability to change classes.

The prerequisites are –

You should be visiting a specific location within Westmarch. This city serves as the game’s central hub. So, in the main campaign, you should progress far enough to reach this city. It won’t be taking much time though.

Before the option gets featured, you can still change your class by using a completely different character.

The step-by-step procedure to change classes –

  • Click on the ellipsis on the top right
  • Select Settings
  • Select the “General” tab
  • Choose “Leave Game

Here’s an alternative method to change classes:

  • Click or tap on the Character Portrait in the top left of the screen.
  • Select the ellipsis (…)
  • Choose “Leave Game.”

Once you leave the game, choose a new character and class and start playing it again.

As said earlier, the direct class changing feature will be launching soon. Once the feature or option is released, you can directly change the class without leaving the game.

Happy Gaming!

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