How to See Hidden Replies on Twitter App?

Twitter has provided users greater control over conversions while preserving complete transparency for everyone participating in your Twitter Thread. It has the “Hidden Replies” tool that allows users to conceal those unnecessary tweets. But sometimes, users can see hidden replies on Twitter with the solution provided by Twitter itself. 

As Twitter claims to be becoming better at policing its platform, hidden replies are being implemented more broadly. In the company’s Q3 2019 financial report, it is said that more than half of offensive tweets are now deleted before users even notice them. The company, though, seems to be well conscious that it still has a lot of work to do.

Hide Replies assists balance the Twitter conversation by letting the original user pick which replies to their tweets remain visible. It’s been one of Twitter’s most contentious features to date. When someone chooses to hide their responses on Twitter, they are not deleted. Rather they are concealed behind an extra click. This implies that trolls, and irrelevant, abusive, or otherwise offensive remarks are not permitted to dominate the discussion.

Steps to see Hidden Replies on Twitter

You must carefully follow the guidelines below to view Twitter’s hidden replies. Let’s begin with the manual.

1. Open up the Twitter application and sign in to your account.
2. Find the tweet where you wish to view hidden replies.
3. Locate the Twitter reply icon.
4. Click the down arrow symbol.
5. Click Show Replies to view Twitter’s hidden replies.

It’s important to note that not all hidden Twitter replies are accessible. You won’t be able to read the reply if it comes from the protected account or if the user has deleted it.

Additionally, it is not possible to see hidden replies on Twitter for accounts that have blocked you.

How to See Hidden Replies on Twitter App?


In a nutshell, you cannot see all hidden replies on Twitter due to some criteria. Apart from that, Twitter always promotes “Healthy conversation is a shared responsibility”. Twitter may ask you via a popup to check your Tweet reply before sending it if it is determined that it contains potentially harmful or offensive language.

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