How to Root Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra using Magisk?

Everyone who uses an Android device wants root access. It’s the finest way to personalize your device and utilize all its capabilities. But, ever since Samsung introduced new security features, it is quite difficult to gain root access. In this guide, we will show you how to root Galaxy S20 and its series using Magisk. Magisk is a very technologically advanced method for systemless rooting Android. In other words, Magisk can root Android without affecting or altering the system partition.

Prerequisites Before Rooting 

  1. Make sure to unlock the bootloader on your Samsung Galaxy S20 before progressing.
  2. Charge your device completely. 
  3. Take a complete backup of your device. 
  4. Use the original USB cable. 

Root Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra Using Magisk

1. To begin with, you must unlock the OEM on your Galaxy S20 and allow USB debugging.

Go to Settings>About phone>Software Information on your Galaxy smartphone, then touch on the “Build number” ten times to confirm that you are a “developer” before enabling “Developer Options.” You will now see a new menu item labeled “Developer Options” under the “Settings” menu.

Once the “Developer Options” have been activated, tap on it.

To enable it, tap “OEM unlocking” and “USB debugging” now. To continue, hit enable if a pop-up warning appears.

2. Next, download “Magisk Manager” using the link below.


To install “Magisk Manager,” make sure that “Settings”->”Security” is set to accept installations from “Unknown Sources”.

3. Now open the Magisk Manager app and select “Install” from the second menu item, “Magisk Manager,” which, if any is available, will install a more recent version of the program than the one that is presently installed on your S20.

4. Next, download the exact same firmware version from your computer to your phone. Try entering the code “*#1234#” into your phone’s dialing keypad to learn the “AP,” “CP,” or “CSC” version of your device.

How to Root Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra using Magisk?
Samsung S20 | Source: Samsung

5. You must now set up the “7zip” Windows program on your computer.

6. After it has been installed, extract the file beginning with “AP” to find “boot.img.lz4”. Once archived, transfer the file to your phone in “.tar” format.

7. Next, launch the “Magisk Manager” and select “select and patch a file” from the “Install button” menu. You must choose the file that you just sent to your S20. Exit “Magisk Manager” once the file has been patched, then copy the file from your phone back to your computer.

8. Please turn off your phone after finishing the process and put it in “Download Mode.” You must first enter “Recovery Mode” in order to access the download mode. To accomplish this, press and hold “Vol Up” and “Power” simultaneously, then release “Power” when the model number of your phone appears on the screen. You will now be placed in “Recovery Mode.”

9. Now click the link below to get Odin 3.13.1. 


Please hit the “AP” button after downloading the “Odin.exe” file, then choose the patched file that was copied from your phone back to your PC. The flashing procedure will now begin when you click the “Start” button in the Odin.

Once the flashing is complete, restart your phone in recovery mode and wipe all of your data. After that, when your phone boots up, it will be rooted and also have access privileges.

With the above-mentioned methods for Root Galaxy S20. You are now able to customize your device accordingly. For more such articles do make visits to

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