How to Easily Kill Stone Ancient in God of War (GoW) 4 for PC/PS4/PS5

Ever since its release god of war 4 has kept its franchise fan base engaged. Due to this popularity god of war PC was just released for PC gamers. Just like every other game in the god of war franchise God of War 4 also constitutes many boss fights. Some of which are painstakingly difficult to win. One such boss fight is with the Stone Ancient you meet during the Light of Alfheim quest after making your way inside of the temple. Here’s how to kill Stone Ancient easily in God of War 4.

1. How to Kill Stone Ancient in God of War (GoW) 4 for PC/PS4/PS5

Stone Ancient is the fourth boss that you’ll face in God of War 4. As it generally goes with the bosses they are comparatively much harder to take down than the other regular foes present in the game. Stone Ancient hitpoints go with its name and he can take up a lot amount of damage.

Easily Kill Stone Ancient in God of War
Stone Ancient in God of War

Moreover, he also has some pretty powerful abilities in his arsenal of which you need to be aware of. However, no matter how strong his powers get he is slower in his movements. He is a worthy boss altogether to duel.

Steps to Kill Stone Ancient in God of War:

I. Patience is the key

Firstly, you need to time your attacks on the Stone Ancient to take him down. As regular attacks will give little to no amount of damage to the stone giant. You’ll only be able to give tons of damage to the stone giant by attacking his glowing chest.

Therefore, patience is the key. You don’t need to be aggressive in your attacks. Wait for him to attack you with his beam of ice. It is now, that you’ll be able to see his glowing chest. You need to time your attack & throw your leviathan axe towards the glowing chest while he’s attacking you. He is slow in his movements so it’ll be easy for you to dodge his attacks and time your axe attack towards his glowing chest.

Moreover, you can also take the cover of the rubble present in the center and avoid getting damaged. His beam of ice attack will slow you and cause some hefty damage over time.

II. Pick Up the Pieces of Stone Ancient’s heart

If you’re able to time & land your attack onto the Stone Ancient’s heart it will result in dislodging pieces of the Stone Ancient’s heart. They generally come out two in number after each successful attack you’re able to inflict. Dodge his attacks and try to pick up the fallen pieces. Beware not to get too close to the giant as it will drop down to the ground on all fours and send out unblockable energy that temporarily blinds you.

Pick Up the Pieces of Stone Ancient's heart
Pieces of Stone Ancient’s heart

Once you get a hold of the fallen pieces of Stone Ancient’s heart you need to attack with them the same way you did with your axe. A successful attack will result in him getting stunned. It is during this stun, he’s vulnerable, hop onto him and inflict hefty damage to him.

III. Eliminate Dark Elf Spawns

Eliminate Dark Elf Spawns
Kill Dark Elf in GoW

You need to repeat your attack pattern twice and then some more Dark Elves will spawn. How worrisome this may sound, it signifies that the Stone Ancient is nearing its end. Moreover, It’s time for you to take the help of Atreus. You can use his ability to target and distract enemies with his arrows. Eliminate all the dark elves and go forward on killing the Stone Ancient himself.

IV. Rewards

Easily Kill Stone Ancient in God of War
Fragmented Heart of Alheim

On successfully eliminating the Stone Ancient, you’ll receive an Ancient’s Heart, five pieces of Soft Svartalfheim Steel, a load of Hacksilver, and a Rare Enchantment called Fragmented Heart of Alfheim as rewards.

2. Verdict

Easily Kill Stone Ancient in God of War
Defeat Stone Ancient in God Of War

How difficult it may seem to kill and take down the Stone Ancient in God Of War 4. You can easily kill the Stone Ancient by hitting the right spots at the right time while all together maintaining distance from the stone giant. Needless to say, Patience will play an important role in taking down the Stone Ancient in God of War 4.

3. About God of War PC

God of War PC is an action-adventure game based on Norse mythology developed by Santa Monica Studio and published by PlayStation PC LLC for PC. It is the first God of War title released for PC. The much-awaited PC variant was released on 14th January 2022. The game is the successor to 2010’s God of War III and the 8th installment to the God Of War series.

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