Fireclaw Sac Webbing: Rapid Way to Get them

In Horizon Forbidden West, in-game resources items do play a crucial role in your survival. Hence, choosing and picking up a good Resource item is always necessary. One such Resource Item in Horizon Forbidden West is Fireclaw Sac Webbing. Fireclaw Sac Webbing in Horizon Forbidden West is one of the Resource items. What is Fireclaw Sac Webbing in Horizon Forbidden West? How can you get the Fireclaw Sac Webbing rapidly?

What is Fireclaw Sac Webbing in Horizon Forbidden West?

Fireclaw Sac Webbing is an intact strip of flexible webbing from a Fireclaw’s resource sac. It is only a blue-tier resource, it can be one of the most aggravating key upgrade items you can get in the game. Fireclaws are the enemies that drop Fireclaw Sac Webbing. It belongs to the category of ‘Resources’; it’s a ‘Key Upgrade Type Resource’. It’s a rare resource item. It is useful for upgrading weapons or outfits, or for selling Metal Shards.

What is a rapid way to get this resource item?

Way to get Fireclaw Sac Webbing in Horizon Forbidden West:
Fireclaw Sac Webbing in Horizon Forbidden West:

For most of the resource items, you need to shoot the part that gives us resources out of the enemy which gives us the resource item and then kills it completely, or it might even destroy itself. But this item is a bit different.

Way to get Fireclaw Sac Webbing in Horizon Forbidden West:

We recommend you change the difficulty of the game to Story mode when you are attempting to get this resource item. It is because, in difficulty other than Story mode, the battle will be really aggravating and very long-lasting.

Step 1:

To gather it, you need to take down a Fireclaw with its Blaze unit and Blaze Sacs intact. Though the game says to be intact with only the Blaze unit, we suggest you be intact with the Blaze Sacs even. We suggest this because destroying the Blaze Sacs will cause them to explode and destroy the unit. So, before getting into the battle, scan the Fireclaw with utter focus and mark both the parts and avoid hitting them at any cost. Usually, they are near the chest and shoulders of the machine.

Step 2:

First, try to get behind the machine and hit the Sparker on its lower back with a shock arrow to stun it. Avoid destroying the Purgewater Canister. This is higher on its back and damaging this will cause an explosion and will ruin your effort.

Step 3:

I will term this ‘the Defence Mechanism’. Be dodging all the attacks of the machine. Simultaneously, keep aiming at its legs until it dies. Though the chest and shoulder part can take a little amount of damage; and as it is said that ‘Precaution is better than Cure’ – I suggest you focus on parts which are far from them. You will for sure have to use a lot of ammo to take down the Fireclaw. But once it is down, go to the body but remind you again, avoid hitting the units which contain the Sac Webbing.

Fireclaw in HFW

If you meet these requirements, there are 100% chances of the machine dropping the Fireclaw Sac Webbing.

I suggest you follow these tips because it is the best and the most rapid way to get the Fireclaw Sac Webbing. I would like to mention once again that try not to damage the chest and shoulder parts of the machine to avoid ruining the complete mission by exploding the machine.

There are many more Resource items that are useful for upgrading items in Horizon Forbidden West. We will be back with information regarding them very soon. Until then

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