Defeating Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West: Pro Tips

Being set in the post-apocalyptic Western United States, there is a wide range of machines in Horizon Forbidden West. These machines are also called monsters and players have to take down these monsters to last long in the world. The more machines you takedown, the longer you survive. So, it’s a mandatory thing to know every machine’s weakness, strength, and what will be the loot for finishing a machine. Now, let us know about ways to Defeat Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West.

What is Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West?

The Tremortusks are one of the most iconic and fearsome machines in Horizon Forbidden West. They are among the largest combat class machine enemies that players need to defeat, to survive in the game. Tremortusks are slower than most enemies in the game. Their strengths stem from the multiple ranged weapon systems across their body in addition to thick armor.

Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West

These are mammoth-like creatures that have four massive tusks that can injure players who are very reckless during combat to a greater extent. Players will encounter the Tremortusks on their own in the wild or under the control of the Regalla Rebels. The best place to find a Tremortusk is by heading to the Stillsands towards the South of the map and it also resides in the snowy Sheerside Mountains region in the North West.

Attacking a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West

You should be completely ready to face a lot of attacks while you are going to face a Tremortusk. Firstly, there is a small matter of Tremortusk charge attack. I suggest you keep the massive beast, Tremortusk at a range to avoid dealing with its huge body and massive damage. However, the enemy is very powerful and is capable of attacking more than just firing plasma projectiles and breathing fire at Aloy. I also advise you to keep cover between you and Tremortusk for protection but get out its way as soon as it starts charging or starts attacking you.

And if Regalla Rebels are riding the Tremortusk, you will have to face cannons and archers too. This makes an already stronger enemy much stronger.

Pro Tips to Defeat a Tremortusk Quickly in Horizon Forbidden West

Defeating Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West: Pro Tips
Defeating Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West

In general, the most effective way to defeat a Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West is by aiming for its underbelly, which is essentially a giant explosive. Once the machine rears up on its hind legs, the underbelly will become exposed; else it is difficult to hit that part. You should be waiting for this opportunity and should even be able to grab the chance as soon as it happens. Players can apply significant damage with FREEZE elemental attacks or break off the weapons on the Tremortusk’s face.

Another point is the machine is particularly weak to Shock Damage. You can make use of Adhesive Grenades to bind the mammoth’s feet and stop its movement.

If a Regella Rebel is riding the Tremortusk, use explosives to take out the rider off its back. Taking off the Rebel will provide you with the perfect opportunity to fully drawback Aloy’s bow and circling around behind the Tremortusk should allow you to destroy the supports. In order to take a Tremortusk down, it is instrumental to go behind the Tremortusk.

Use your Shield Glider to get behind the mammoth. On the back of a Tremortusk, you can target several Ammo Drums to detach them. Plasma and Shock cannons can also be detached. Finish the Tremortusk off once and for all in Horizon Forbidden West by using a few arrows to expose its underbelly.

You can disable a Tremortusk’s tusk attacks by shooting at the tusks with impact damage and destroying them entirely. This will let you fight the massive enemy by maintaining an ample amount of distance. This makes defeating Tremortusk in Horizon Forbidden West easier.


Head to any of both the listed places; pull your weapons out, and take down the Tremortusk. This is just to motivate you: ‘You can obtain various loot items by defeating a Tremortusk’. What are you still waiting for? To defeat the Tremortusk.

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